Post got released too late

Some days ago I wrote an post for my thread( but it didnt get released even after some days. Then I wrote a 2nd one because I thought that my first one wouldnt appear anywhen. But now both are here. Would be nice if the newer one could be deleted as it contains mainly the same.

I’ve fixed it for you, I think. Typically it doesn’t take that long for a moderated post to work its way through the queue. In the future, though, rather than making a post here in the BA Website Support forum, use the Report Post feature (it’s the triangular icon at the bottom left of each post). That typically gets you a faster response from the moderation team.

I just wanted to ask for the same.
I posted an image yesterday in the “Focused Critique” section (
and although i knew it would me moderated i somehow assumed it got lost because i made a mistake or something (Added an URL). So i posted it again today.
Sorry for me being so impatient…
But maybe there could be a way of notifying the user, that the post was received and is now being reviewed or something.

Anyway thanks for doing all the moderation.
I think you guys deliver a great Forum!!!

Sometimes a post slips through the cracks. Sorry about that. Should be good to go now.