Post here if you have negative things to say about me!

I can recall some instances, but I’d like to see them all.

You care WAY to much about forum post, and I don’t feel like staying here naming ALL of them… :no:

Same with me dude…

i have nothing to say…we are all lonley in this world

No way,you can’t be lonely,not with all these BlenderHeads to keep you company!

read my sig …life is not as simple as it seems…
BlenderHeads are nice tho –

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Fetchez la vache!!!

You make threads for attention? This should be locked

you killed my shnitzel!

You narcissistic self-gratifying hedonistic parasite on the @rse end of society!

oh… about Schnitzelkiller? Nah, can’t really dis u, don’t know you well enough to judge you.

That would be Fetcher (infinitive). But not being a french verb at all, it doesn’t matter xD.

What, while this thread remains unlocked?

Lulz, may be everyones asleep =P

lol, so mysterious. :rolleyes:

You’ve bad “Thread Topic” ideas?! Locked!