Post here if you want to the game engine to be supported

While there has been a LOT more activity as of late than there has been for a while, there have been some negative comments with regards to throwing away the game engine (blender is for modelling/rendering/animation, not games), or changing the focus (Make it export to other game engines, let each game’s programmers handle the rest). I need some of you to post your reasons why you use the blender game engine, what you like about it, and why you don’t want to see it go in the directions above. At the very least we will get solid, maybe ODE support, eventually, in which case if it is axed from the main tree any of us who wants to work can still expand it. But beyond that it’s hard to say. People who are not in this community do not understand how, well, not exactly thriving, but how hopefull we all are that the game engine gets some support, and how much we all love using it. So if each one of you could post, explain the games your working on, and explain a little about why you like the game engine, it might be helpful. Or it could be that no one notices and we are all just howling at the moon. Either way, lets howl:)

P.S. links to your websites/screenshots of games might be a good thing to add too.

Here’s mine:

I have been in the community for the extent of the game engine’s availability, and have learned so much more about games in the past several years than I would have expected. I really like being able to add new features so quickly, and the blender game engine allows me to do that. I also love being able to set up scenes fast, with logic bricks and/or python and being able to see them in action with very little wait time. And it’s possible to do quite complex logic when you graduate to python. Almost anythign is possible, except for the few technical limitations and a few show-stopping bugs. It’s nothing like non-programming game engines I have tried in the past which have severe limitations in either type of game or how much you can add to them. Also, with my latest game Crescent Dawn, which d0oGs and I have been working on for nearly 8 months, I am gaining much project coordination and teamwork experience, as well as being able to develop a cool game much faster than I would if I were to have to wait until I learn OpenGL and c++ from the ground up.

I love instant gratification:) Even though I am planning on expanding my experience with some major c++ and opengl knowledge, when I get an idea for a game and want to see how it would work in execution, I can pop open blender, spend a couple hours of work, and have something working in a short amount of time. This could be a useful tool even if I was using another engine for the actual game.

i think the game engine is one of the things that stands out the most in blender, what seperates it from the rest of the other 3d programs.
and whats the point of removing it, it will only make people less interested in blender, if you dont want it, dont use it.

i beleive that the game engine is a major part in Blender, it brings all aspects from the other areas together to create one (kickass) program/file. the fact that Blender had a game engine when i first came here (2.0 released) was the only reason i was willing to attack the controls and get some results. The game engine was probably the most easeist game engine to work with that i’ve ever seen. when i first came here i had no experience with programming or anything very technical, so modeling objects and exporting them to my own game engine was outa the question, but Blender was so easy to use with logic bricks that i was hooked right away, i now know python to work even more into it. If the game engine was to be taken out then i truly believe that the Blender Community would loose much of their greatest Blenderheads.

 I've worked on tons of games each one better then the next, some have been a First Person Shooter (which i can still improve from things i learn now) to a BattleBots type game where you can choose different Robots and you are able to knock off wheels, armor, weapons, ect.  to a complex Gokart game with enemy racing A.I. and the works with multiple levels and improvements to your car.  All of the games i have made wouldn't be possable without the game engine.

 Right now the game makers are turning out games that surpass the N64 and rival the PS1,  the game engine is one of the most appealing fact to Blender.  If the game engine was removed i think that it would be for the worst for Blender and it's community.

LETS KEEP IT!!! woo hoo! :smiley:

I don’t understand anyone talking about axing the game engine.
If anybody thinks along those lines it’s obvious they’ve never
used it. I feel the same as the others who have already posted,
Blender would lose it’s uniqueness if the game engine were
scrapped. I too was attracted to it mainly by th game engine. While
we all know it’s a fantastic modelling and animation program, let’s
face it there are loads of programs that can do those things (Not
as well of cause!) but the game engine is something that very few
others have,(unless you want to dig very deep into your pocket).

Every time I use the game engine I’m amazed at what it can do
without the need for a lot of programming skills. I for one
wouldn’t be able to make games if I didn’t have it. The use
of logic-bricks and show profile enables you to test and keep track
of very complex controls visually. I found this very helpful when I
put automatic scoring into my Snooker game. I agree with others
that using the game engine encourages you to increase your
knowledge, such as learning Python etc.

As I can’t do anything positive to help write upgrades to the
game engine, all I can say to those who can is, “Please keep up
your great work and don’t let all that has gone before be wasted!”

So far I have only made a few games, but I have tons more in the planning stage. If it wasn’t for the game engine, I wouldn’t be able to make games at all. I am not a programer. I’m an artist. Our game engine makes it possible for artists to make games.

Dreamsgate has a very important point: The gameengine allows artists to create interactive 3d games and enviroments. That is an unheard of feature in any other 3d program - Maya, XSI, 3DsMax all require you to build you own 3D engine in program your own OpenGL code to get your game running.

So, this is a very unique feature. Quitting support for the gameengine would be just plain stupid, because many people, including myslef, only got interested in Blender because of its game engine!

The engine has its downpoints and faults, but on the whole, it’s an amazing feature.

Hi all, its my first post.
I want the next game engine release cause i like make games!
And i buy the Blender Game Kit Book! :smiley:
people, sorry abou t bad english! :expressionless:

…And please don’t forget the high quality of the graphics Blender’s engine offers, think for example of Monkeyboi’s backyard demo. I’m sure it would be possible to create levels comparable to Quake3 maps (well the performance is another point :wink: ) I don’t know any other free engine with this quality (and the availability for dozens of platforms)…
Going open source and throwing the game engine away…oh please that would hurt! %|

I agree with S_W. Ever since the blendergames contest the quality and complexity of games has incresed. There are some amazing games in developement and some that have already been released. The blender game engine is capable of producing professional quality games. It allows artists to make games or people with no programming expericance.
I have been using blender for 4 years now. It has been the only 3d modeler and game engine i have touched for 4 years. For people that have programming experiance blender is capable of many things(ie multiplayer)
It would be a shame to see the best feature of blender to be discarded. So please dont take our game engine away :frowning:

Give me a day or 2 i will be back with some amazing screens, hopefuly those will change some minds. (would do it now but i need permission from team) You can look at some older screenshots on but i promise i will be back with new ones today or tommorow.

When i first found blender i was looking for animation tools. I wanted to make movies. Then, when i got into blender, i found out about the game engine, and I got instantly hooked. I made little games where the character was a ball with a point on it. Since then i’ve found that you don’t have to be a great artist to use blender’s game engine. As long as you know simple object manipulation and logicbricks you can make a game that’s more fun than some commercial games. The only thing that the game engine community is lacking are some really good modelers, (though there are some, blengine for example) and good texture makers. If a team was put together of the best in the game engine they could probably make a game comparable to most relativly new commercial games out here.


Well i’m pretty good 8)

The reason I was first interested in blender was because I wanted to create 3d artwork but, when the game engine was added I couldn’t stop using it!! The people who don’t use the engine need to just NOT USE IT theres no point in throwing it out. :-?

Well im a level desginer and have made tonnes of buildings and items, not only for MagiPixel, because I find it relaxing to sit back in a world I have created myself. (I’ve yet to put any of my latest stuff up for you guys :stuck_out_tongue: ) Everyone I see on here makes fantastic work, which can quite easily be released as a retail product and sell by the millions…

Booting out further production on the game engine is like stabbing us in the back, especially as we gave money to blender during it’s near death not so long ago.

There are so many 3D animation/graphics packages around, some which you can get for free, but the same cannot be said for game engines. I have tried many different ones and many involve learning stupid, illogical languages or mainstream, but long winded C++ etc. Wysiwyg are hard to find, but are far better as you can focus on the design of the game and not the programming just to make the “character” move. Blender really is the best solution out there in terms of wysiwyg game creation and with a few additions and modifications, we would have a tool that can produce games that would really give Quake, Halflife, Tombraider etc a run for their money!!


I’m studying on a school for graphic design and multimedia, and many people, and if I say many people want to create there own 3D games, but all the game engines over the internet or in the shops supports only C++, and without any knowledge of this, you can’t create any 3D game. These students and even adult and teacher, doesn’t know any C++ or cn’t learn it because it’s too difficult for them, so Blender and it’s game engine are the best to create games. No programming, just organising and conecting logic brick. When I showed Blender at school for the first time and show it’s game engine, people said, can you learn me making games in blender??? So maybe in the future I begin a blender game class on my own school.

So I think we can make blender the best free modeling, animation and easiest game engine software on the planet, so why delete the game engine if it’s the easiest why not integrate it again. How many people in the world don’t know c++ but want to make 3D games??? I’m a person like that, I tryed to learn c++ but I can’t get it into my head, even spending hours and hours on it, so the blender game engine is my way to create cool 3D games, So Please don’t kill it, just make it the best free game engine, modeling and animation software, go for it dudes. Many thanks to the people who are developing the engine, I really apriciate them, head off :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Absolutely keep the game engine.

As other’s here have said I first started with blender because of the game engine. Like many others I had (and still have) the desire to create my own games.

I am currently involved with two groups that are in development stage for platform games using blender for modeling and it’s game engine.

Don’t let all of our work and dedication to blender go in vain.

Support the Blender Game Engine.

I admit that I didn’t think much about the game engine when I first got Blender. In fact, I downloaded the 1.80 release despite the fact that Blender had gone up to 2.04. I just wanted to make “Star Wars” films.

I was confused, but I learned. Eventually, I guess I got a little curious and downloaded the 2.04 version. I fell in love with the somewhat rounder buttons and wasted a CD burning it so I could get it to my computer. I found the game engine to be an alright feature, but nothing I would use too much.

Later, as I came up with some ideas for video games, I thought maybe Blender’s game engine could work. After all, I’m no good at programming yet, so why should I wait to make games until I know C++ or BASIC or something? Like all of my projects, they’re currently about as finished as a start-from-scratch dinner you’re going to make in two hours. But hey, it seems to be a good idea. Why get rid of it?

Plus, let’s look at the aspects of each possibility (“you” refers to NaN):


  • You lose some dedicated Blenderheads;
  • Your bankruptcy would have been wasted as it came over the flopping of Blender Publisher;
  • You please the majority;
  • You lose a more usable section of Blender.


  • You keep many Blenderheads happy;
  • Your rise-fall-rise story won’t have been over something you got rid of;
  • You please a minority (see Note)
  • You keep a section of Blender that’s rather easy to use.

Note: You please a minority. So what about the majority? Create a GameBlenderless version for them. Or tell them how to comment it out of the code so they can press P and not activate the Engine.

Well when I first heard of blender I was in it for the game engine. Yes blender’s engine could stand for a few upgrades but its very unique. I mean when I was introduced to blender I had no modeling, programming, animationg, or any of that kind of experience. I sat down for a little whiel and easyily figured out how to use the logic bricks and with in no tiem I was making little games for fun. Now that Ive become a bigger blendermind I am a president of a company that uses only blender for their games. I can’t even see why anyone would think of losing blenders game engine. Just because some people don’t use it, others do. If blender lost its engine…It would be heart breaking. I still barely have any experience with programming and I am exporting games that could match some of the commercial products out there. Blender would really come to a downfall if they got rid of their engine. I don’t see how they would benefit from it either. I agree with everyone else here. KEEP THE BLENDER ENGINE! With a few adjustments it could be the best thing out there. I myslef says it is teh best thing out there when it comes to inexperienced users. I would die if the engine was to be gone.

I’m new to Blender, but am here specifically for the game engine, + I just bought the blender bundle!

IMO, blender fills a very interesting niche which will be lost if the game engine was dropped. For example, to my knowledge the only comparable tool which can author 3d is Macromedia Director. It’s overpriced, bloated, garbage.

OTOH blender just has a feel of being well designed and to the point. How the hell does it all come in 3MB??? Anyway, my point is, blender will take a long time to compete with high end 3d like maya and soft, but it’s here and now with game development. I’ll give you an example, I tried to interest a couple of 3d friends of mine (maya and soft users) in blender recently, but the minute I said there was no UNDO there was a freezing of mindsets. However, when I explained to the same two recently about the game engine (which I omitted previously) they were extremely gung-ho and learning all about it, and not worrying about the lack of certain features, becuase it’s good enuff for the purpose of delivering games. For those, like me, who can program a bit, but don’t want to be learning C++, i.e. those folks who are currently using Director or even Flash, it’s a dream come true. I think that demographic could be a great target for some kind of marketing maneouvers. I’m betting most Flash and Director folk have never heard of blender, when they do they’lll be all over it.

Ton I guarantee Macromedia would have bought NaN! Even if just to squish such an outstanding competitor, am I glad blender is open source!

Thanks for such an outstanding product!

If you’ve artistic flare then stills are f*$king easy. Making animations is quite impressive. Oh no you don’t have a ray tracer. well you seem to be doing pretty well without and still enjoying it.

As one of gameblenders longest users (since the beginning) let me say that only of recent in marketed video games are there things we could not emulate given the time.


thats nothing for covering EVERY aspect of game making. modelling (a mass variety of things), animating, logic, scripting, world set up.

ITS HARD. and those that have been here since the beginning are on the peak of achieving our goals. Check saluks - Crecent dawn, and the bss teams Dracolith (which i am part of).

LASTLY. you may think blender doesn’t have this feature or that, well you weren’t smart enough to work out how to get around it. WE ARE… and we have been working around it, like you have been working around ray tracers.

the blender engine is more unique than its modeller. Seeing as lightwave is almost the same as blender in artistic feel yet far more functionally complete. does it have game support?

OH YEah and another fu%king thing. who the hell makes those games for the game kits and such like and new demo files. They sure aren’t from the gaming community. (feels he is speaking without knowing :slight_smile: Just cause your to lazy to wade through the noobs posting their content that may be lacking but is full of hope and promise for the future. if the best of us had to make something as simple as a demo it would be a lot better. but we don’t. we are into GAMES.

those who want to axe the engine have never used it. or weren’t smart enough to see its virtues.


Yah alot of people say you can’t do this or you can’t do that, because blender has a loss of some features. Im sorry but blender is capable of anything really. There is always a way around it. I mean some people complain about not having sprites, that can be faked with the halo factor. Or even made by programming with python. There is a way around everything. I mean blender is capable of modeling anything, and texturing as well. I really don’t see no limits to the engine. You just have to be smart enough to figure it out. I havn’t used any other programs besides blender. You could even call me a newbie, ive been with blender for about a year. I don’t see any limits to it. I think it all depends on the self esteem of the user. You don’t even have to know python to create alot of the effects of commercial games. If you got eral complex with the logic bricks im sure you could pull off almost anything also. I can’t possibly Imagine why they would want to take out the engine! :x :<