[Post Launch Compensation] The Final Stand looking for 3D Animator!

Note: We’re looking for people that use Maya, not blender, the reason why we went to a blender forum is because theirs a lot of folks here that use Maya as well!

Hey peeps,
We’re currently looking for a 3D Animator to join our passionate team! Check out our game, we’ve been Greenlit!http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=241750254
The Game
The Final Stand is a relentless multiplayer experience in which competitors must fight to be the last survivor standing in an unpredictable, dynamic wilderness. Players will have to act on their instincts and react quickly to unforeseeable circumstances to gain the advantage against their opponents in a gritty fight to the death. It’s been inspired by “The Hunger Games” and other survival games to make an unbelievable multiplayer survival game unlike any other before. We’ve also been greenlit in about 10 days! Please check out the prototype trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68wK3mLDaSg

What we can offer
We are currently for additional team members who are willing to work for post-launch compensation, since we’ll sell our game on Steam and many other DRM-Free stores. We’ve also teamed up recently with Alienware for a responsive launch and other partners. We offer a professional environment where each of us may continue to gain experience, develop our skills, and express our creativity. Our team is extremely passionate, committed, and works everyday in their free-time. We’ve already been greenlit and are already and will have a playable build showcase by August 16th!

If you’re looking for a game that WILL start selling soon (in a month) and will put a hit on your portfolio and a possibility for a full-time job offering, THIS is the game put your hands on!

3D Animator (Maya) prerequisites

  • Able to work with our existing rig
  • Experience with first person animations and 3rd person animations
  • Willing to spend a few hours each day to do animations with the Lead animator
  • Able to export animations from Maya to be used in the game engine (our lead animator can go over this with you to ensure you know).

How To Apply
So if you’re interested in joining our team please send a portfolio and just the job title “Animator.” Don’t be afraid to apply, we’re very responsive and willing to give everyone a shot!