Post NYC 2007 Blender Conference

I envision this post as a way for people to comment on the NYC 2007 Blender Conference or ask any questions they forgot to ask. I know there’s still one more day left, but it seems to me that I will likely not be able to make it today.

I had a lot of fun and I hope that Nick and Hans can organize this again next year. Perhaps, if Blender continues to grow we can even have an East Coast and West Coast Conference in the US so that everyone can attend. NYC is a great place that’s near a lot of states, but people like Jonathan (the_bomb) had to come all the way from Kansas.

So, some questions I forgot to ask. Bassam:

  1. Will the Mancandy DVD be sold from the Blender store? What other, if any locations, will it be sold from?
  2. How did you find the voice actors for the DVD? Were they people you already knew or is there an online resource for people looking for voice over talent?

Nick and Vitaly:
You guys mentioned perhaps forming a NYC users group. Although I’m not from The City, I’m close enough that I would be able to come if meetings were held on the weekend. Do you have a mailing list for people who want to become involved? Can you post it here?


Finally, a huge thanks to all the people who made the conference happen. Who provided the space and video taped the tutorials for those who couldn’t make it. And an especially huge thanks to those who presented tutorials - it was very instructive. For example, it was neat to see that two of our greatest character modelers (Jon and Bassam) have polar opposite approaches to character modeling.

Thanks again!