Post pro in photoshop

Just some pictures I have taken and edited in photoshop. I just wanted some comments on my photography and editing skills. Oh, and I do have a company (Red Fuzz Studios) so I ask that you please do not use any of these for your own purposes. Thanks!


I like the light bulb one. It looks great in black and white.
I’m not sure what’s so special about the third one. Is it just that it is a panorama?

Well I did some color correction and streched the third one out, it actually isnt a true panorama, just thought is was cool

Hmmm… to be truthfull,… you’ve just used some filters and the blur tool, not exactly ground breaking post production. The photographs themselves are much more interesting, i’d like to see the origional lightbulb one, its kind of nice.

Hey, what exactly does your company do? Yeah im going to agree with traitor here… Keep on going though photoshop is a great tool