Post Processing Dust/mist/godrays

Ive rendered an animated scene with 2.8 cycles on pretty much default settings. I didn’t touch the compositing tab at all as I still don’t quite understand render layers/collections. All I’ve done is put individual objects into separate collections, animated my scene and hit “render animation”

I’ve now decided I’d like to add some volumetric mist and/or floating dust particles but don’t fancy re-rendering for another 30-40 hours. I’m hoping that I can do something with my existing renders to add dust/godrays etc

In the render settings, turn on Transparent and make sure to export as PNG (to overlay on your already rendered scenes).

Then just make dust (particles) or godrays (mesh with volumetric material) and mask any layer that might be in FRONT of it, so that when a piece of dust goes behind a door, it won’t overlap it (just mask any layer involved).

When you’re done, drag the new renders on top of the old ones in Premeire (or any compositer). IMPORTANT!!! Do not enable Override in render settings, it will replace your renders with the new ones. Make a new location for these overlays.

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