post processing in blender and dov

(marf) #1

1] k… i need to do compositing in blender.
my question is how do you use the alpha maps in the post processing.
i know you render the full colour. then a black and white file, and load the two. i try alpha under\over but it doesn’t work.
any tuts on post processing?

2]how to do depth of vision? where do i get the plugin and tuts?

my theory was to render my scene, make foreground white, background black, render the alpha map. copy the original col render and use the alpha map to overlap the clear forground on the blurred background.this is probably a real stupid way of doin it

any help?please!

god im such a dimwit :x :o . scrap question 2. its in the tuts on elysiun :x
still wanna know about the post pro

(marf) #2

seems im the only one replying
got the zblur plugin
works sometomes but others i get the error message “imput has no z-buffer”??
as for the post processin thing, i cant find any tuts at all. does anyone even use this feature in blender??

come on, any response welcome

(ookami77) #3

You can get a simple DOF effect in Blender without using any plugins… Check the Tutorials section of this site…

Also if the tutorial seems too strange go to the last page of it at the bottom and I left some instructions on the easiest way of getting a DOF effect. Hope this helps.