Post Processing Motion Blur Filter v1.2

Hi guys!
for you who dont know I actually made a “Post Processing Motion Blur Filter” for bge 1 week ago,
but it seemed had so many bugs and doesnt work for most BGE versions, and I just fixed it yesterday.

To make the Filter work on your game just append “00MotionBlurController” from the file. thats it!


PPMBv1.2.blend (1.32 MB)

Hope you Enjoyed!

Wow this is really awesome, I just released a ‘hacky’ tutorial of doing something similar, but this is great!
I might add it to the BGE Post Processing Addon if you don’t mind?
Is there any properties that need to be added? in the .blend you have about 20 game properties are these all necessary?

Good job :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

Yes, please do it!

No, you dont need to. All the motion blur values are declared inside the 2d Filter. You could use this one:
PPMBv1.2.blend (1.08 MB)

Well… those properties are basically a ‘space’ to pass camera matrix values into the 2d filter, it seems BGE doesn’t support value passing without using the ‘space’ property that we made.

Great! Hmm do you think it could be possible to store both of these matrixes in string format and then reference them using prop[i] in the 2d filter? This would just be easier for end user because if they put it on a camera object that already has lots of properties this can make the list really long. Otherwise if this is not possible I can just modify the script to add an empty like you suggested.

Also what is the difference between strength and distance? Ideally the addon will only add 1 property to control the blur amount.

Thanks :smiley:

Do you mean passing camera matrix parameters?
Oh right cool, I think distance will be the best ‘overall’ value to change then for the user.

I just want to make sure its nice and simple to use both otherwise I can modify the addon to work with an empty if this is too hard :slight_smile: