Post Processing?

Hi. I would like to know how to do post-processing effects in the BGE, using Python, I would imagine. Post-processing effects are effects made to the game after it is drawn (for example, turning a scene night-time, night-vision goggles making a scene green-colored, or perhaps even making certain objects completely grayscale, instead of color). Does anyone know about this?

If you learn GLSL, then you could code in shaders, which would allow you to manipulate the way an object or scene is rendered. I think in a future version, gameblender will support compositing nodes to some degree.

edit: There is also a 2D filter actuator of course, and you can use your own GLSL code with it.

For the green I would place a plane over the camera (green of course) and lower the transparency. It saves time from writing a script.

If you want these effects to be apparent real-time, in a game, then I think you will have little choice but to write some kind of pixel-shader to do the work. And, you’ll pretty much be “on your own.”

GB can be used to hardware-render sequences into individual files, one frame at a time, which can then be used as input to any sort of “post-ing” that you might care to subject them to. For that, of course, any sort of video postprocessing tool (including Blender itself) can be used.