Post the first image that comes up when you type your username in google images!

That’s right, another pointless forum game!

Seeing as my name isn’t exactly common, one of my works came up:

lol, my username is never used, so I got this:

It’s a picture of my boss for my game :smiley: lol

Holy shit, type in killer’s name, there’s a result that pops up more than once… fortunately not first though.
Nuff said.

lol shntzel you mean the naked girl don’t you :eyebrowlift2: LOL ha ha, he has a death bunny for first! :smiley:

Edit:What if the first pop up is something really inappropriate, and doesn’t it depend on the if your moderate safe mode, strict or off ?

What, behind the rabbit?
It is the rabbit!


If I put your actual username in, this is what I get.

Sort of more what I meant, type your exact username in.

A review I posted in Amazon that went down to page 20. I’m embarrassed – I praised it so much, someone dug it up and used my blabber as a sales pitch.

heres what came up with mine

Honestly, I wasn’t at all surprised.

Mmm, well now I do love anything space - future - techy…

hoping the owner will forgive my use of it!

Bah, this doesnt make any sense… -_-


soz mines so big


bit like me, lol

exactly half of the images on my first google page search of my name (ls777) are mine :smiley:

This is a picture i made and its the first to pop up XD


@ _LsBlend: you are a cg god among men. O_O

if i google my username, some naruto stuff gets there, but if i google my other alias, “zzott”, then this shows up:
4 of the stuff on the first side was about me…

Edit: ok, i cant get these attachments to work, so ill just skip the image part…
nothing interseting anyway…

An image in belnder-tutorial
But the strange thig is the second, nothing to do with me.

Fucking horrible. I expected to see a sandshrew, but I never expected it to be this bad.

Also, this is what I get when I enter my other online username (Dick):