Post thy refracted/reflected objects here!

This probably wont work, but to minimize the fruastration of seeing shiny glass suzzane after shiny glass sphere after shiny glass chess peice after shiney glass wine glass, I thought perhaps it would be wise to start a thread dedicated to just that. That way, its all (well most of it, hopefully) in one spot and you know what your getting yourself into :wink:

I myself have a wineglass render. My ftp is down tho. I’ll post it tomorrow. Don’t let that stop you from posting tho!


Good idea to keep these renders from flooding the forum. I’ll have some shiny transparent objects here soon!

Endi…Superb… :o

geez, endi, you make me feel like ive just started with 3d… :frowning:

Please tell me where can I get Blender with refreaction?


You can use a world with image texture to get HDRI_like effect.

You can get it from the links in the first post in this thread. See the links at the bottom. Ztonzy makes the effort to keep it updated on a regular basis.

I have a work in progress using the latest features in this thread.


I like your renders very much. They are always inspiring.

here is a quick way to use a mirrorball
I think that if everyone want to use shiny stuff everywhere now is because it was such a pain to don’t have it easily. for sure yafray integration will be great enhancement.

Here’s the result of a little lunchtime dabbling:

It sure is pretty, but boy do these things take a long while to render…
He’s called ‘Ray’ of course :wink:

nice renders everybody!

Yeeesh, endi ! Could you make them a bit worse, just to give everyone else a chance ? :stuck_out_tongue: Amazing work, as always.

Crystal Monoliths galore :

Hi flippyneck,

Everything is nice in your render. The modeling, lighting, textures are all well done. It has a photoreal quality to it.

nice thread idea!

I would have never posted this one as it’s just a test of the new features (including bevel), but since this topic is around, I suppose I should post it.

Blendo of course is Lyubomir’s model (as corrected below by Weirdhat) :smiley: .

No, Blendo is Lyubomir’s model.

And here are my raytracing tests:

Old scene but it’s nice and shiny now.

YARS. Yet Another Reflective Suzanne.

More glass stuff,…

That’s nice! :slight_smile:

it took 3 hours to render… and looks like crap, ah well…


@ndy said :

it took 3 hours to render… and looks like crap, ah well…

Errr…what would you say looks GOOD then ? :o