Post-Valentine's day celebration

When Valentine’s day rolled around, I figured I might as well celebrate my single status by, no, not going on a date, but sitting down and blendering. It’s my first major project. The render time was only about 30 minutes, but it took me 6-8 hours to model all the elements. just as an FYI, it’s made entirely from subsurfaced planes. As it is my first project, any critiques would be greatly appreciated! And, here it is. If you check out the parent directory, those are some of my other small projects. All were done solely in Blender except the Daisies (Lightwave 3d).
Thanks again,

Yes tshillig, Blender is indeed the perfect sweet valentine :wink:
Ok, here goes: Are you trying to set a darkish romantic mood with the lighting? Because right now it’s just sufficient, and not really romantic either. I think that all that was said in the post entitled, “Giga’s Valentine”, you may find helpful here.
I don’t really like the roses; they don’t really look like roses.
The Hershey’s Kisses resemble golfballs. Or at least, the material on the bottom parts do. Plus, I think you need to bevel out the junction between the top and the bottom. Tinfoil should be a lot shinier.
I’m not too sure about that gray rim to the table - what is that?
Yayfor being a newbie! Keep practicing :slight_smile: Sorry I couldn’t be more constructive; I’m rather new to Blender as well. I’m sure the experts lurking around will offer you some great critiques.

Whacks Snowy with a cyber trout I love the roses. The material on the kisses its almost perfect, although maybe you could soften the bumpmap a little bit. Keep up the good work!

OW! -stabz Hosj with an expensive pen and puts his blood into a mug-

I think this is a good start. Nevertheless I have some crits:

I am disturbed by the proportions. The box is too big to me compared to the kisses. The roses look like a good render of an artificial textile roses. The three roses lack gravity. The blossom petals need more velvety texture and overall the scene needs more light.

I hope you do not get offended by the crits. Neither Sno4wy nor I want put you down. Compliments are great for your ego, but only crits help you grow.

Don’t worry about offending me. Honest critiques are superb. Thanks, Tyler Shillig

this must’ve melted somebody’s heart