post yer favourte chick !

Hi & post the pic of your favourite chick :smiley:
don’t ask me about my favourite chick/celebrity :spin: … :no: i just want to see yours :smiley::stuck_out_tongue:

MmmmMMmmmm baby!

Me, Kathy Bates, and a gallon of olive oil would go a long way!

i didn’t say your favourite beast :frowning:


wow, this is a random thread. Not really sure what you wanted to see.

Obligatory blonde chick with a cute pussy:

mmph, not cool man, not cool at all, dan, tahts pretty fawkin hilarious

Oh common, I like older women.
I like the chick picture too :smiley:

If you were on a channel and did that, I’d kick you out.

If you were on a channel and did that, I’d kick you out.

Why such hostility towards older ladies? I am not entitled to my opinion?
Let me guess, only 18 year old nymphomaniacs, with huge breast implants are considered chicks?
I am sorry, but I have always loved Kathy Bates.

we know that you are not seriouse ! she is , or it is a beast ! yikes ! …

omg rofl @ this whole thread hahahahaha

this means oh my god


read only flying lamb ?
red oxygen flying low ?
reach obey filtering list ?

yep , it seems that the thread is silly , … :frowning:

= rolling on the floor laughing

ZOMFG klr thrd lol!!!11!!one!!1 rofl k nuff 4 u, im out cu l8tr!!!1!!ONE!!11!!!

shows clearly she’s a fake blonde. blackeyed, too.


How do you guys understand that stufff?
you must eat this for breakfast.

she is , or it is a beast !

What a mean thing to say! :frowning: