Post your .B.blend file!

I know many of us customize Blender, using different color themes, layouts, and presets, so I’m creating this thread so be can share our default settings! Just post your .B.blend file!

Although, you’ll have to find your own hosting space, as Blenderartists doesn’t support uploading .blend files.

Here’s mine.

Edit: Darn, my host is down temporarily. Oh, well.

Update: Got it up!

Here is my greenish seaweed theme :smiley:

Nice! Though, not all the window types are modified.

Here is mine.

Most of the time, I like starting out with 4 3d windows.


Don’t forget to post a screenshot first. :wink: I would make a contribution, but I use the default setup. That’ll change shortly.

Ah, so you like yours 3DS Max styled.

Got mine up. Check first post.

Mine includes three themes. One is green, called Matrix, one is blue, the default, and one is gray/blue, made to look like Windows (please don’t kill me for that). I also have sky material presets I created myself.

By the way, how many people here like to have a different default scene? My defualt scene’s camera and lamp are hidden (and in different positions), and I have different rendering settings.

Great thread idea, by the way.

Mine is as follows (.blend at bottom):

Camera, Y = -10 X = 0 Z = 0
Lamp, Default Settings, Ray Shadow
Hemi, for soft light above
Ambient Occlusion, On, 5 samples, add/subtract, dist factor of 5.0
White World
All modules wrapped up for general neatness
Maximum modeling space achieved by placing Buttons Panel on right hand side (see .blend)
no default object
default color scheme (least distractive from goal of program [to model things])
Composite Nodes used as a default



I don’t want this thread to die, its interesting.

Honestly, I don’t like your setup much, Guitar87, but that’s just me. After all, its a matter of opinion.

But I like your default lighting. Very nice work there.

Oh, thanks. I guess. What exactly don’t you like about it? Just curious.

The bit on the bottom is awkward, as it doesn’t show much of anything, and you have to use the middle mouse button to scroll on the buttons window on the right, to get to materials, physics, fluid, etc. I prefer to just click once for things without having to scroll.

Also, I don’t like the trackball rotation and the right-click selection, though I know those two are defaults.

If you want, check out mine. Here it is:

This thread is good for new users, who are a bit confused and limited by the blender’s default layout.

That’s a nice one! I just don’t see any differences in the scene itself, and personally I don’t like the defualt scene.

Edit: Wait, you split the defualt cube in half, but nothing else. Why did you do that?

Tynach: the scene is almost the same, but I mirrored the cube because in every scene, there is at least one symmetrical object. And I like box modelling and vertex pushing, so there is a nice cube to start with.

That makes sense.

Here’s mine:
I probably should get rid of the camera and the light, as I allways end up deleting them anyway.


I used to work with the default setup but with the 3D view split into 4 windows, but I like Myn.pheos’s setup so much that I think I will be using it for a while. thanks

I use the default one with just the view names turned on. :slight_smile: My workspace tends to live according to my needs and I usually like to use just one big view.

That’s the idea behind sharing! This way, we can find out if one view works for us better than the defualt, and also might get us to explore different settings and theme combinations to optimize our work.

How many of you take the time to completely change all the windows’ color schemes when you make a new color scheme? Or do most of you just change a few, and use the defualt for the rest?