Post your best Blender animation

There’s a sticky in the “Finished Projects” section where you can post your best blender render. Linkage! It was originally posted in '05 and became really popular (with over 1,000 posts). I was wondering why there wasn’t one for best animations, so I have decided to make one.

So anyways…post away and have fun! If you have posted a thread for the animation be sure to include the link!

At the moment I don’t have any animations, but I will add one as soon as I get that far in life.:stuck_out_tongue:

My first try was with the curve created manually. My 2nd Try is with the use of existing Font
Pencil Writing Animation created in Blender
4 Leg Run Cycle 3D Animation Created in Blender ( Try 1 ) Full use of Python.
4 Legged Walkcycle 3D Animation Test with Blender Full use of Python
Python Controlled Finger Movement Full use of Blender and Python
Happy Run Mocap Animation
3D Object
Happy Fire Run
Frogsu Walk Blender + Python
Frogsu Walk2
Frogsu Walk3
Music Simulation Blender + Python
Mera Chanda Hai Tu. Imported Daz Treefrog in Blender alongwith morps. Python is used to import Mimic keys in Blender.
My Youtube 25 3D Animation created with Blender
My 3D Album Mostly Blender
3D Animation Flying Parrots Blender
3D Animation Plastic Dolls Blender
Are You OK Blender
O Vao Great Really
Download 12 3D Animation Movies created by me in Blender
and some links on my signature.

Wow that’s a lot of best animations lol! Those are really good.

Very cool animation you got there, I might have to put something in later.

I’m still very new at animation so don’t expect too much :o

But it’s probably one of those two clips… I’m still practicing alot with Ludwig and have started taking videos of myself doing various things… I will use this clips as my reference for my next excercises and hopefully it will turn out a bit better.

@personxx Thanks very nice aniamtion, but put her some cloth.

I did clothe her at first :wink: But the baking took so much time and there was quite a few rips and some of her body parts was sticking through the cloth… So I just animated her nude… But she doesn’t really have anything to see… I really want to learn character animation so lately I only practice animating and tend to leave all the other stuff till later…

Thanks for the feedback it is much appreciated.

What? No ones wants to post their animations? I thought for sure more people would of posted.

I am noticing that lots of Blender artist using Blender not for animation, just to create 3D Images. They are using Blender as secondory tool. But what I do, alwasy create animation and want to make Blender as main tool for Animation. I am creating a new cartoonish character with 4 legs. With my 4 Leg Run animation will make it run. I am creating shape keys for my new character, in a few days I will post few more links of Blender Movies. You can see 1st image of my character.


Here’s my best and most recent animation. Note the rigs and characters were made by FreakyDude.

Dude, WTF?!

Veggie-Contest entry:

and this one’s getting alot of hits (because I uploaded the source file :smiley: and everyone wants it) :
distorted arrays:

and I also like this one :
Rings of blender3d:
so… those are probably my “best” animations thus far

Here are mine :

Predator facial animation test :
Hires version :
Lowres Youtube version :

Singin’ Jazzman :
Hires version :
Google video version :éphan+Rodriguez
and the anaglyph version: (need your red/blue 3D glasses handy.) :smiley:

Some animations I did, they’re not good, but I’m never happy with stuff anyway:

I kinda liked that predator facial rig thingy. I also like that veggie competition animation.

blunder animation is quite different and imaginary

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Wow! there are a lot of great Renders here! I want to watch the best animations created in Blender, but it seems there are not many posted here? Or may be I have not clicked on the right link? I want to keep in touch with Blender’s artists at all levels!

I am mainly a programmer who has become addicted to Blender’s modeling and animating capabilities. Watch some of my animations at: There is a flash player in the home page.

Also look for blenderguy2008 on YouTube
Under macati1 in YouTube I have posted a few animations when I just discovered Blender.