Post your custom Blender UI !

With all the new great advances into UI customization, the interface itself becomes a personalized unique tool.

It would be interesting to see examples of different workspaces so we can get some inspiration on how to setup our own.

Your UI can be simple or complex,but if you think that it does the job for you and that it provides workflow solutions, here is the place to share it.

At the same time, this could be a “What are you working on?” topic. It’s like, when you are working on something, but you don’t want to post it as a wip yet.

At the end of the day it’s about finding the best design, a combination of functionality and appereance.

Here are some posting guidlines:

-Specify Blender version,built

  • Specify Functionality (game design, animation, modeling etc)
  • The Project you are using it for, Info about the Pipeline (if possible)
  • Post more screenshots with your custom maximized windows (when needed)
    -hotkey map (in 2.5)
  • Add all the info you feel it’s necessary.

I’ll start.

  • 2.48
  • game designing
  • learning about the game engine , still experimenting stuff, some freelancing modeling projects from time to time
  • I am using the Rounded basic theme, just changed the text editor adding black background and green text to make it Matrix style :stuck_out_tongue:


i would ask a mod to move this one to basics and interface if possible