Post your desktop

Post your desktop :wink:

here’s mine.

Here’s mine. I’m still using that awesome wallpaper that alltaken made (thumbs up Alltaken):

Hehe, can you tell that I don’t like clutter? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mine. A little cluttered, but the background image keeps me focused on the task at hand. (yes, still working on it)

You windows wusses :stuck_out_tongue:
Less is more :slight_smile:

Ditto, I like yours.

You Linux wussies. :stuck_out_tongue: A real man has to fight his OS like a personal enemy every day. :wink:

Hehe… Can’t argue with that. :wink:

Heres mine I like the canyon render so much I just had to have it as a desktop. :slight_smile:
Forgot who made it tho :frowning: Who ever it was great render!!

Hooray for the empty desktops:

The windows at the sides are because I couldn’t be bothered closing them so I just used that expose thing.

this is my current windows desktop:

i will post my linux one later.

Minimalist too.
Still tweaking the bar though.



Click here to see mine in action. :wink:

executing your admin powers to attach images? how dare you…

time for my massive desktop [taken in parts its so big], complete with applications that have been open for days…

okay, here it is scaled down to half size [click for full size]

[btw: x-chat is minimized, its usually filling the remaining space on the second display]

artwork this was taken from: [detail]

nice and clean :), made the Bg myself

This was my older one:

This is the one which I have now:

[edit] This is my current, updated one. [/edit]


I had just finished my new splash screen for N3X-Studios. So I was understandably hyped at my achievement. 8) Any how, here’s the shot.

Who’d have guessed?

It’s sad actually… I’ve been using the same basic image on my primary virtual desktop (on both my workstation and my laptop) for over a year. Here it is (reduced):


WTF @ the keylogger