Post your Doggy!

those evil demonic cats are hogging the spotlight! Let’s showcase the dogs now!

Here’s my princess :slight_smile:

I don’t like dogs. %|

I don’t have one.

I fear you may be in a minority here, there are a lot of cat people here. I generally prefer dogs to cats but then if I had to decide between a kitten and a doberman, I would pick the kitten any day.

My family used to have a red setter that I quite liked.

Looked like this:

BTW, that dog of yours don’t look like a princess to me. If I were a postman, I’d be shieldin’ my nutsack. :smiley:

pitbulls are generally really sweet to people… especially my dog… if a burgler came into the house… she’d help him take the stereo :expressionless:

I’ve noticed that computer users tend to like their cat’s better…

Dogs are much better! They’re loyal, nice, loveable, and they don’t claw, jump on, and otherwise antagonize you, while sneaking around in the shadows, looking creepy. :wink:

i prefer dogs, id love to have an alsatian!

Reeeally?? Maybe they just get some bad press like when one tries to rip some kids face off. It’s usually pitbulls, rott weilers and dobermans (dobermen?) that attack humans isn’t it?
I heard pitbulls were tough animals. There was one on TV that went mad and it took more than 3 or so bullets to the head to take it down just because its skull was so thick.

Ha ha ha. That’s the trouble, you want your dog to be nice to you and your family (maybe) but not to everyone.

I think it’s because cats can sit next to their mouse (pardon the pun) and they can pet them while they work. Also, they won’t drool on your keyboard - mind you they might piss on it :slight_smile:

I also have a dog in addition to the cat, he’s a cute Beagle :wink: 8)

That’s because smaller dogs can just get kicked away if they try to attack you.


I don’t think dogs are better, though I have one and no cat. They will indeed jump on you and claw you, though their claws aren’t sharpened. I don’t know why you would say that - maybe you have a huge dog.

  1. Potty training - during this phase (if it ever ends) your dog will desecrate everything that is holy in your home.

  2. Drooling/slobbering/licking - I can’t stand this, and it takes training (beating) for a dog to stop.

  3. They eat their own crap and roll around in it and/or dead animals

  4. When a dog licks itself, it can’t do so quietly

  5. Barking - yeesh. Some dogs don’t, but this gets on my nerves bad.

So you see, birds are the best. My bird didn’t come potty trained, but it only took a few days to teach it (they’re really smart) as compared to a dog taking up to a month or more for total training.

The problems can be pretty much taken care of for you if you start out with an adult dog and not a puppy.

it isn’t in a dog’s nature to kill

we abuse dogs… (some people do) and that’s why they end up on the news… because from their abuse, if anyone antagonizes a dog… it’s first impulse is to attack…

pitbulls are advertised to be something they aren’t… they love people, and have a natural tendency to be hostile to other dogs… but not humans… humans make them that way

[quote]Reeeally?? Maybe they just get some bad press like when one tries to rip some kids face off. It’s usually pitbulls, rott weilers and dobermans (dobermen?) that attack humans isn’t it?

That’s because smaller dogs can just get kicked away if they try to attack you.


Ha ha ha, that’s true. I hope you’re not speaking from experience :wink:
You could also do this:

disclaimer: no dog was harmed in the making of this film - do not contact the RSPCA :).

Yeah it ain’t pretty. Especially if they’ve got the skitters. But that’s part of the training - the same with babies.

Again, I don’t like that either. I once had a big mutt wipe all his breakfast onto my new jeans. Slobber + cheese puffs = yuck.

I’ve never seen a domestic dog eat crap or dead animals before. They sniff crap to find females. I suppose wild dogs must eat other animals.

Nor privately. Always when you have guests round and right there in the middle of the floor. If you could, you’d probably show it off, though. I believe Ron Jeremy did once.

Well, most of the above cats do too except bark but there’s a cat where I live and it screams every night like someone’s being slowly dragged through a grinder. Cats have furballs and pee everywhere too.

But don’t birds spend most of their lives in a cage? Thus they don’t need much training because they crap in the cage. Birds also make noise and leave feathers everywhere. I used to have parakeets but they’re no fun. They always bit me when I put my fingers in the cage.

You also can’t grab a bird and wrestle it like it’s your best bud in the whole world or have it bring you your paper or take it for a walk and it can’t protect you from burglars and it can get eaten by next doors cat. With a dog, you have a pet that’s high enough in the food chain to be safe (except if you live next door to Mike Tyson, Steve Irwin or a Korean).

Well, I’m not sure it’s true in all cases. You do get the odd kid going around sticking firecrackers in dogs behinds (see movie above) but some dogs go mad. There have been many unprovoked attacks on young children sometimes because the dog thinks the kid is a chewtoy.

sorry, I meant it’s not in a pitbull’s nature… although if they get rabies, or get exposed to something worse…

oh I’ve been wanting to start this thread… anyway pics soon…

Here’s my puppy. His name’s Fast Eddie

I can tell that image has been doctored with, unless the dog really has been deformed like that :-?

All I can say is

Nobody would wanna mess if you had one of them.

What about a dogs vs cats poll thread?

Meet Sadie