post your halloween pics here:

i’ve noticed alot of other ppl have been getting in the halloween spirit, so i figured we may aswell try and get all of the pics together, so heres my contribution, anybody else have anything they’ve done for haloween post it here.

im new and i was making a pumpkin but i got really fustrated and quit. nott because of blenderr but my pc. when i get to much stuff in the picture my pc slows down bad. it had a old video card.

Great Idea, I was think of the same but never got to it.
Here’s my pic. Happy Halloween!

Alienwerkshopp:Thats bad news, post what ever you got done, just for fun.
foCus:I love the candles(i tried making sime but couldn’t) and pumkin, my only suggestion is to fine tune the lighting, maybe tone down the lighti inside the pumkin, and slightly increase the overall lighting. either way great job :smiley:

Well thank you. I’ll do that and change the crappy text when I’ve got time.

Like yours too! Would like to see it when it’s dark.:slight_smile:

I think it’s been on the back burner enough to be consiedred done. I’m going back to the Christmas Tree Model now.

I felt that I didn’t wanted to make a pumpkin so I have done the headless knight. It’s almost finnished. Here is a pic:
Happy halloweeen everyone.

somehow this image maybe could be considered as halloween-pic too…
at least its a medieval cave (and medieval equals scary :wink:
the torches were a side effect of some explosion-tests i did. (so im not 100% happy with the pic but dont want to go back to it anymore…)


i like your idea, halloween is awsome!
here is an animation i made

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