Post Your Kitty!

It’s becoming obvious lately (aside from a poll we carried out in the past) that many of us here like cats. Well, maybe it’s time to show off the felines we love! Here are mine:
This is Shadow, my younger cat. He’s about a year and a half old now. He likes corn on the cob. He still acts kitten-ish sometimes.
This is Tiger. She’s older than Shadow and very aloof. Her fur is very soft and she squeaks instead of meowing. In this picture she is in the birdfeeder.

this is, like, the best thread ever!
I will get my camera and get started!


Awsome! ill get some pics up soon. i have 2 cats.

this is Sylvester. my sister found him on a farm. he’s about 1 year old, and loves to attack moving things.
this is him taking on our dog.
this is olive, shes about 5 years old. she hates sylvester.

Omg the top cat looks exactly like one of my cat’s that died a couple years ago :frowning: Her name was Murmur.

I got a few pictures of my cat, she be named Ditty (probably better if you didn’t ask)…

Here she is trying to sleep in front of the monitor:

And her in one of the deelies by the computer (she goes in head first, and somehow manages to spin herself around):

And her trying to hide:

Not the best quality pictures in the world, but they work.

I want to pet Olive, she looks very soft. If you think she doesn’t like Sylvester, you should see how Shadow and Tiger treat each other. Shadow runs up and pounces on her from behind, then the roll around the floor hissing and yowling. They haven’t hurt each other yet.

:slight_smile: I need to

A) find the camera


B) find the cat. They’re both missing…well, the cat’s an out door cat so next time we see her t’s likely she’s dragging in a dead rabbit or something. %|


I don’t really like cats much but I think kittens are great. I love SamAdam’s avatar.

This is Tiger. She’s older than Shadow and very aloof. Her fur is very soft and she squeaks instead of meowing. In this picture she is in the birdfeeder.

She squeaks??? Talk about a mouse in cats clothing :). If you ask me she’s pretty smart - sitting in the birdfeeder and squeaking, good ways to get some food.

Sigh… My cats are at home in Oregon and I am in California. It would take me 11 hours to drive there. But, I can give their names.

My large, furry cat’s name is Isabel, and her tiny, short-haired, cute sister’s name is (believe it or not!) Little Miss Kitty.

I bet you are all itching to see ther pics, which I’ll have on friday.

She says it’s a cat feeder, not a bird feeder. It’s not exactly a rodent squeak, it’s just like, “eep!” or “eeaow!”

yea, olive is very soft. she also sheds like heck(like garfield).our other cat opie(she died) would sit infront of the bird feeder, and when a bird came, she would jump. most of the time she got the bird, and left its guts on the front porch, and my mom or my moms freinds would step in them. olive once tried this, but got tired on the to the bird feeder and started to take a bath.


Geez, I guess my cats aren’t uique. I get hairs in my food, on my bed, on my clothes, and on the furniture. I wish I could shave my cats. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure? They’d look like this:


Are you sure? They’d look like this:[/quote]

:o Well, I guess not shave them. I wish they could magically stop shedding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to pet a hairless cat… rubbery maybe?

how do i post a pic

Woah. That is one scary cat.

To post a picture, take one, host it on the internet, and use IMG tags to put it on the forum.