Post your native language here, everybody!

(Arr Matey!!) #1

Just post you native language here (you know, British-English, German, Spanish, whatever %| ) . My native language is American-English, probably like most people on this site, but I don’t know (that means post here). Go on, don’t hesitate! :smiley: I really mean everybody who sees this! Come on!

EDIT: Wow, I sure was a n00b spammer when I posted this. Ignore the childishness in this old post, please :slight_smile: lol

(scotland) #2

Doric not english

(Friday13) #3

Spanish is my native language, but I’m looking to get better at English/French/Japanese at the moment.

(Jeeves) #4

Mine’s Canadian-English, eh? Now’s a time I best be goin’ oot and aboot…

(Jason van Gumster) #5

'merican english

(Ecks) #6


don’t mix that with France-french! it’s not the same…quebecer understand french people…but french people don’t understand us…they are too much egocentric :stuck_out_tongue:

/me runs like hell

(Dracarys) #7

American-English… and wtf is up w/ ur avatar???

(Arr Matey!!) #8

<EDITED SCENTANCE> Prismatic: my avatar is an oldish photo of my little brother when he was 9 years old [edit]: it was (he looks silly, huh?). Don’t make fun of him. Btw, keep posting, eveeryone! Let’s make this thread 100 pages (or at least as big as possible)!

(iluvblender) #9

My native language is Telugu

  • Satish.

(Dracarys) #10

ahh, its your little brother. ok then, thats understandable.

(Admiral Mac) #11

i am YetAnotherAmericanEnglish speaker

i am learning spanish, though.

(Strategoi) #12

Canadian-English here

(Arr Matey!!) #13

What is the difference between Canadian English and American English? Just curious ;). Wow, I just realised that this is the most popular topic I have ever posted (well, I haven’t posted many topics %| ).

(Jeeves) #14

The words “eh”, “oot”, and “aboot”. Being Canadian, I feel it’s my duty to use each of these words at least once every sentence, eh?

(Jonathan Williamson) #15

Good ole boring American-english

(orion119net) #16


now TRUTHFULY american english.

(SamAdam) #17

American english
I am surprised more dutch/french people aren’t posting. Or maybe they think they are better than us. (that will get them talking)
And where are all the brits? I don’t know if I have ever heard any one here. And howdy to all the canadians (ca-na-DI-ans) out there.

(forTe) #18

American English

For all of you who know what it is I can also speak quite fluently and some of the time in Country/redneck-english.

(Darn fangled computer thangy, why dont you go no none faster)

(homebody) #19


Heh? Am I the only one who is chinese here? %|

(sno4wy) #20

Heck no :stuck_out_tongue:
Mandarin-Chinese here!