Post your planet

Ok. Here is the deal. I am working on a game with my buddy. (Not Blender tho, just pure C++ i think). We need tons of planets (nice ones) for it. Its just shoot’em’up game with plot.

So post your planet here if you want to “Donate” it for our game project. Here are the details for the required planets:

Type: All types. Urban, Jungle, Water, Rock, Lava… just any. Also it can be misshaped (eg. Not circle) but in limits of realism tho. The picture must be atleast 300x300 resolution and have Alpha channel (well. PNG really) to differ the planet from background. Bigger reso is preferred (at the time average is 600x600 and bigger, we will anyway scale them at somepoint to fit our needs) Also the planet may have glows (lava planet) that flood outside the horizon of the planet into space somewhat (since the game engine uses the alpha of png).

Some credit is ofcourse give in the credits of the game. Also when donating know this. The game might be sold with minimum (CD+post expense) price. But its not sure at this moment.

Please donate. :smiley:

sounds interesting. I’ll give it a shot later today. dont be expecting one anytime soon though as I’m fairly busy. It will probably be done sometie this weekend though.

C’mon People… Help use. Its easy.

Dude, people will post and help if they are interested Dont go begging like a dog only after a few hours of posting.

Also, I read the post, get the idea that you want a small image of a planet but I dont quite understand it’s application within the game? in what way are they used in the game? If it were neopet I could understand, but a shoot erm up? So wheres all the other artwork come from?

Oh, Most smart people dont touch anything that doesnt have a contract, even with a 10footpole…

I don’t mind helping, but I’m not sure how much help I can be, since you specified that the planets should be “nice ones”. :slight_smile: Also, you don’t mention how you want the planets centered, how you feel about atmosphere halos, and how they need to be lit. Is this anything like what you want?

Here are some I just whipped up for you. I hope these are what you where looking for. They are all 1024 PNG’s with transparent pixels.

You can make your own by following the same tutorial I did: