Post your poetry.

Invisible as I pass you by;
dismissable to your judging eyes
If only you would look my way,
and feel my lonely heart’s dismay.

Thinking of you constantly;
have sought, yet found no remedy
You occupy my every thought;
how I wish I was in yours

I lie awake through lonely hours,
consumed by love that cannot be
Wondering if you’re sleeping tight;
Unaware of my misery.

The following was written 2 years ago or so. Our entire English class was forced to enter a poem each to a school-wide contest, so I chose one that I got a crappy grade for just to make sure I wouldn’t win. And, whaddya know, I got the damn prize… :o

(And my English teacher was pretty pissed off about it too :stuck_out_tongue: .)

***Lightning Bolt***

The wind blows, the clouds get thicker,
Collision, friction, crash! – I dash for the fields below.

The thunder sounds soon after.
But it is me, who leads the act –
I am the power that brings death and life alike.

I devour trees, houses, and human lives.
I twist and turn through the clouds – whizzing down to catch my prey.

I create ozone which makes life possible,
When I hit the ground.

My realm is endless
I travel over the never ending seas of the world
To make yet another storm, and with new force
I plow the ground below.

I do not need anything.
I am all I need.
I rule the heavens.
I am God.

Keep in mind that this is entirely pulled out of my ass, written the night before it was due, if I remember correctly.



That is actually pretty profound. And instantly relatable to.

This is my first poem. Be gentle. I called it:

“Last thought”

Thinking my cloud
so yellow

Tick tick tick

Inhale quick
Its so bright
so white
My eyes

Memory dies

For Bellorum:

Feighning, paining, not to look
for fear I were to catch your eye
Again I am rushed to pass you by
not by heels on hollow floors
but by my surging heart so shy
that calls to yours as you walk by.



Here’s mine (best read aloud; don’t forget to pause appropriately at pauses and stops):

Cold Night!
Frozen. Silvery star, crystalline light.
Suspended. Beautiful, black, and bright!
Be thou so distant, so far,
Unconcerned wherewith we are?
Calm and quiet, pristine, exquisite Night?

Warming child
In Mother’s womb,
Eyes unopened to the noon,
The sun, now hidden, still sheds pure light;
Bears life and love --though deep thy night.
Awaits the future strong and true
the noble acts thou wast born to do.

P.S. Copyright © 2005 Michael Thomas Greer. If you want to use it somewhere contact me first.

I’m still not sure I’m done with it. I considered using wert in place of wast, but I’m not sure it deserves a subjunctive tense… What think ye?

Hrms. 3rd line "If only you would like my way, " Should of course read look instead of like

@ [email protected]:
Thanks. I really live this through every day.

@ Fligh %:
If only it was true. I wonder how many people pass eachother by, every day, hoping that the other would at least notice them.

Bellorum: In High School, there was this girl I really liked. She was so neat, so outgoing, so popular, smart, friendly, and good-looking, I assumed that she had a boyfriend and that she had no interest in me.

Much later I learned through a mutual acquaintance that she did not have a boyfriend, and had hoped that I would ask her out. It was then of course too late (having graduated HS three years earlier, and no clue where she was)…

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to go out. The worst that can happen is she’ll say “with you?” and laugh loudly, right? That’s about the same as it is now. Chances are much more likely that she’ll be flattered, and even if she hasn’t that kind of interest you may become friends (which is really mostly what you want, right?)

Related Rant:
It’s too bad that in today’s society dating is akin to marriage. Dating is meant for socialization and to gain some experience interacting with the opposite sex. So don’t be afraid to play it old-school: ask her to do something dopey: go bowling, eat, target archery, whatever. Group dates are good too, especially when you’re young because it automatically relieves a lot of pressure and tension from the dating experience.

wow… some really nice ones u guys hav posted =)

here is one of mine: =)

i dont get it
what the world is all about
things never seem to settle
always keeping me in doubt

those feelings i get
i dont know how to explain
still i always question that
what the hell we gain

dont know why
i get those wishful thoughts
why do i think of
those broken knots

but life is fast
and I’ll move until i last
in such a short life span
my experience is vast

so do what i say
and trust me its true
just ‘be yourself’
and i wish goodluck to you

The master himself :slight_smile:

Sick minded lunatic as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah he’s one of my favourite poets. I’ve just discovered he could tell the future too. He mentions the Star Wars films in his poem A Valentine:



His statement is totally ambibuous, and can be interpreted as anything, ie: in that statement, he hasn’t foretold jack shit. That reminds me, by the way, of that Nostredamus hoax a few years ago. Thought I’d just throw that out there for the ones who remember.

I think the star wars thing was meant to be a tad humorous perhaps. Not to relaly taken seriously

I certainly hope so, but a lot of people actually believe in that kind of bunk. :frowning:

Blendermax, your righteous crusading is starting to become annoying. Most people here are smart enough to distinguish truth from fantasy. So either you just didn’t get the joke or you’re letting your bad mood get the better of you.

Please don’t hijack threads to propound your understanding of life, truth, and the universe. You are not the ultimate keeper of knowledge.

Now, if you have a poem you’d like to share…

Man, I almost got stitches from reading that! ROFLMAO… %|

Anyhoo, if you really want my poetry, here’s summore:

***The Grim Reaper***

He comes when you least expect him.
You know he is going to come,
but don't know when.

You find out he seized you when it's already too late.
Shouldn't have let him get you.
Ah, but you can't. There is no escape from him.

Sometimes he comes quickly.
Sometimes he gently puts the final touches on his work,
After years of preparation.

But he always comes.
There's no escape from him.

Note: The above is complete drivel that I wrote for a class assignment and was meant to be a riddle. I’m not sure anymore what exactly was intended, but that’s probably irrelevant anyway.

I’m sorry I can’t find any good poems by me, but either I never wrote any, despite thinking I did, or I never typed them up.

Here’s one in German for a class assignment as well:


Es freut einen, wenn er kommt.
Man denkt schon gleich an die blühenden Blumen,
Als man gelassen durch die staubigen Fussgängerzonen trödelt,
Das verschwitze Hemd am Rücken klebend.

In den von Abgasen verseuchten Straßen
Denkt man daran, wie schön doch der letzte Winter war.
Der kühle, weiße Schnee. Die Schneeballschlachten.
Die Winterdepressionen sind aber schon mit dem Frühling vorbei –
Sagt man.

Es freut nämlich, wenn er wiederkommt.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted any poems that I wrote outside of school. That’s exactly right. I don’t write poetry out of principle, but since you don’t seem to want to hear my “moral crusades” or whatever the term used was, I’ll just leave it at that.



Glad you got a laugh.

You’ve got some nice dark stuff there. (I liked “Spring Joys” more than the Grim Reaper). But not a writer, eh? Alas, I’d also enjoy it if I had the time…

Keep 'em coming people!

I certainly hope so, but a lot of people actually believe in that kind of bunk. :([/quote]

Just to clarify I was just kidding. I know the kind of people you mean though ;).

Sulphuric Acid

“Little Johnny took a drink
But he will drink no more
For what he thought was H20
Was H2SO4”