Post your "Renders gone wild".

When a render goes wrong :o :o :o

My blender model rendered with 3dsm 6 with mental ray.

Just wanted to share this one.

Post your “Renders gone wild”.


Woa, most people don’t bother saving any Blender rendering that has “gone wild”. I have, but nothing seriously wild, just for comparison in tweaking between renderings.

The closest thing I have ever done that is “gone wild” is Star Wars Kid, Gone Wild.

Hate the GAME, not the PLAYER

yuck, that rendering went realy down the pants.

lol i reminds me about the making of shreck and all their render mistakes.

They also have Incredibles rendering mistakes on their DVD.

It’s too bad they started replacing the old fashioned fake bloopers with these (the ones where they simulate acting failiurs)

This is terragen, not Blender.

If you want other to post too, then this thread is in the wrong section.