Post your reptiles here

Because of all the posts for dogs and cats, I have a thread for the reptiles.

Heres mine:

Hmm… I don’t have a reptile. What’s your lizard eating?

On second thought, maybe I don’t want to know what he’s eating… :wink:


Sweet, always wanted a uro. I don’t have any pics, but I got three leopard geckos and a ball python. I’d love to have a vegetarian herp. Mealworms, crickets, and frozen mice aren’t the funnest things to deal with.

Is he/she a Mali uromastyx? He/she looks great.

I don’t think I have a reptile in the house :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a bird, which is kind of like an evolved flying reptile… or actually… it is.

This particular breed (almost) always looks just like every other one, regardless of gender. In fact, I don’t know what gender mine is because of this.

I have a Turtle , He can Runn Realy fast sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, I would like to see some pics! Uros are great. Mine is a male. I have a friend who succsesfully breeded two fat tailed geckos and he now has two babies. I dont know anyone with a lepard gecko though. Do you ever read Reptiles Mag? Check out this site if you want to learn more about uros.

Here is Jade, the green anole who prefers being brown.

What kind of lizard is that, Tracer?

Cool anole. I have a male Mali Uromastyx.

Hope to see more pics!

Jade likes clinging to the glass. Looking over there… let’s see… what do you know he’s there now. He likes to watch me whenever I do anything near him.

His favorite foods are moths, flies, and earwigs. If he eats a hairy spider the legs stick out of his mouth and it looks like he has a moustache.

I don’t have any creatures that are reptiles, but I plan on getting a snake in a few months. Considering I was fascinated by a friend of mine who’s been taking care of snakes for years.

I don’t like big reptiles much but I think geckos are really cool. I love the way they can stick to vertical glass

I sort of liked the idea of turtles. I used to have little terrapins but they bite. Have you ever had a nastly bite from your turtle Nor.J?

Not all turtles perfer not biting, ever heard of snapping turtles. And I personally think geckos are fascinating creatures, how they have the ability to defy gravity and walk on walls. It’s because their feet have a bunch of hooks and sticky pads.