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Hello to all Blender developers, special thanks for creating Grease Pencil, the dream tool for 2d animators! I’ve been using Grease pencil for a few months now and I must say that version 2.92 is now a complete tool! However, I found limits in creating fills! So I thought I’d come up with a suggestion: “Erase Fill Brush”. This way you can add or subtract fill quickly, a very useful function for creating shadows and highlights in cell shading and more! I am attaching the example image that explains this function in detail. IMPORTANT: You could also add a subtraction function to the draw mode, not necessarily create an erase brush!

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Thanks for your suggestion. The best thing to do is posting it on Right-Click Select. There’s a chance one of the Blender developers might pick it up from there.

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Upvoted, although I’m not an active Grease Pencil user. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m still hoping for the (probably relatively easy) addition of the Workbench’s cavity overlay to EEVEE, like I’ve proposed here:

Having it as a simple viewport overlay, like in Workbench, would already go a long way. Having it be more elaborate would be even better, of course. I’ll imagine the ability to drive it via the world or view normals, so that it doesn’t only act as a concave/convex overlay, but a cheap faked bevel that gets shaded along a given direction. The other thing would be to have it as a separate render pass that can simply be overlayed on top of the rendering (like shown in my RCS post), so that it could be masked out where needed.

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Upvoted too. :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, I’ve emphasized in the title and OP that this is meant as a thread for requests to Blender add-on developers, not to request features in Blender itself.

I would love to see an add-on change the way the user switches the axis constraints.

Currently, when a user wants to constraint a transform to an axis (X, Y, Z), he/she has to press one of these keys but sometimes, it’s not easy to have a good sense of orientation in the viewport.

From time to time, when I want to move an object to a given direction (constrainted to an axis), I find myself pressing X in the hope that’s the correct direction, then I try Y, then Z. Am I the only one to wonder which axis constraint is the right one (on first try)? :sweat_smile:

It would be interesting to be able to press only one key (settable in the addon preferences, but let’s say by default “Z”), to switch axis constraints in loop. Pressing Z several times in a row would switch from axis constraint X, then Y, then Z, then X, then Y, etc …

The idea would be to only use one key to loop between axises.

Here is a simple AutoHotKey script with the basic logic:

; The code detects if Blender is launched and active

#SingleInstance force
z_count := 0 

$z::													; detects the Z key press

	WinGetActiveTitle, Title	
	if (RegExMatch(Title,"Blender") = "1") {			; checks if the title of the active window contains "Blender"
		if (z_count = 1) {
			send x
		else if (z_count = 2) {
			send y
		else if (z_count = 3) {
			send z
		else if (z_count > 3) {
			z_count := 1
			send x

	else if (RegExMatch(Title,"Blender") = "0") {			; if the title of the active window doesn't contain "Blender"
		send z												; then sends a normal Z keypress

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Just to make sure: do you know that you can also use the MMB to easily constrain to an axis after pressing the G key?

Yes I do but pressing one key for this task is slighly different, imo.

I dream of a tool for perfectly controllable polygonal modeling by drawing out vertex by vertex or edge by edge, but from Object mode (image to select “the tool” and draw on a surface/grid/orthogonal view. It could merge the currently created geometry to the selected one, or create an entirely new object). Maximum control and efficiency. I don’t need a full Retopo suite, it is kinda slow sometimes and kills the spark you have when you’re right in the middle of it.

Currently I can 1: append a single vertex, 2: go to edit mode and 3: place it (the vertex) where it should be and 4: start modeling. Four steps that could and should be just one step.

There’s kind of an early version of that in Blender, the PolyBuild tool but we still need too many clicks. Fast, free, precise. I can always go in and SubD the model or clean, bevel, loop it.

The AddOn “PolyQuilt” is like 80% there, but I still need to create geo and go to edit mode. Saving these steps would save an incredible amount of hassle on a day-to-day basis.

Look at it, even just the first minute. We can and should still learn from Softimage XSI.

What do you guys think? Am I missing something? The solution with the best control and least amount of clicks wins. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also a discussion on RCS

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I searched for ten minutes for a certain add-on that might fit your needs, and when I finally found it ─ Polyquilt ─ I discovered that you already mention it in your RCS post. :blush:

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Thanks @Metin_Seven, really appreciated. Yeah also I added it here about 12 hours ago, but it is a wall of text, easily missed. :slight_smile: I have already a working prototype, but it is like, REALLY simple, has a lot of problems and I am by no means a developer. Instead of waiting for someone to pick my idea/wish up, I’ll try to create it myself as good as I can. Just got a python course by “ST3”, a dev who also helped working on HardOps. Let’s see where it takes us hehe.

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Hey, I always dreamed about the ability to import OBJ, FBX, 3DS etc. models by dragging the file from a folder and dropping it onto Blender’s viewport.
I initially thought about it as a native feature but maybe it could be done with an addon too. I don’t know. Just an idea. It would be lovely.
The method could use the default or last-used settings of import for a specific file format.

TheFlow, I strongly support your request, but only mentally because I’m a non-coder and I can’t help :stuck_out_tongue:
But this addon might be a little bit close to what you wish to achieve:

It’s not just about construction lines. Its name severly belittles its capabilities.
I had it recommended when discovering Blender after years of difficult friendship with SketchUp.