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I am not sure if it can be managed via an addon. But an addon that would automatically load any file import/export preset that is named “default”. I know people have asked for this for years, a way to override the default settings (especially those in game development), but it doesn’t seem to be a priority on the official Blender development side.

Could this be done via an addon?

Thanks kabu…This is exactly what I want this needs to be integrated in blender and is open source… :innocent:

What I really need is the feature boundary editing to match wrapped uv to curve

And i dream about old knife project functionality… without this new adding obj selection to mesh selection…

I’d like to see a port of the Mesh Insert plugin to Blender:



arent meshmachine’s plugs same?

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After getting a deeper look at Meshmachine, yes it seems that its “plugs” are just exactly an equivalent of Mesh Insert.


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Another idea for an add-on:

On Windows, it’s possible to change the cursor color (and even invert the cursor color).
I wish there is a way to do the same in Blender too.

Sometimes, while editing a mesh, it’s not always easy to see where the cursor is (especially when the cursor is hovering a light grey mesh).

I wish there is an option to change the color of this cursor (or being able to invert its color automatically on the background), or change its size, or make it bolder.

Or maybe an add-on could allow the user to change the default crosshair cursor to other different ones?


that would be so helpful

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How about a little addon that can “move” Weight Paint opacity from Viewport overlays to Tool setting bar?

It would help me keep flow going

Just made this script/addon to move the weight paint to the header. (1.3 KB)
Hope it helps.
If you have more suggestions you can post them here or in my ‘Free Script Series’ thread.

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I made the script and then realized the add cube only relies on the grid-scale for the first time after that it just uses the last value.
But here is the script anyways if you still need it.(+/-) keys for scale up and down. (3.4 KB)

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Works fantastic! Now I can turn Blender into Radiant :smiley: :+1:

I was wondering If you could create a script how to disable Assets Browse synchronization.