Post your webpage

I couldn’t find such a topic, so here I am starting one.

Anyway, my latest (still has some validation errors):

Also, I know it uses tables for layout, but I don’t know how to do this stuff without. For those of you browsing in a window, try resizing and see how the background is seamless! Only the color changes between the top and bottom halves.

The style is called Mondrian.


everything that i make is on there
including the page for the 2007 blender conf NEW YORK

Hopefully soon to be a much better site.

Sorry Vitaliy, that link doesn’t work.

Here’s mine:

does deviatn art count?

Wow! I’ve seen that Botany Bay one before. Did I see yours or did you just make it actually 3D?

I like how the 404 says you made a typo. :smiley:
Those looking: once you get there just get rid of the blenderartists stuff between the http:// and the stuff. :wink:

W-wait… are you trying to start a competing forum?! :eyebrowlift: Nah, never mind me…

Yes, I remember you posted your page not too long ago. BTW, resized images really bog down FF. You should use thumbnail images which link to the full size version. Nice Dalek though!

What? One website isn’t enough for you? :no: J/K. :eyebrowlift:
The first just gives me a blue box.
The second scares me. :evilgrin:

Interesting stuff so far. I didn’t expect such a range of styles.


Hmm. What I had in mind was actually stuff you wrote yourself… but sure, why not. DA is really customizable and it more than serves the proper function of a personal web page… Post 'em all I say!

Here’s mine.

i wish you like it



It’s mainly Blender Game Engine related stuff, with a bit of my personal life mixed in (the photos in the sidebar). It’s not everything it could be, but I think it is looking pretty good for the amount of time I’m able to spend on it. I’ve been a long time working on a switchover to a blog style format. Maybe I’ll get around to finishing that soon…

BTW, I really liked the style on your site, Duoas.

Ya , Blendenzo i really like your site … :slight_smile:

Yikes! PlantPerson, that photo makes you look about twelve years old! Comb your hair and put on some clothes that fit before you put yourself on the net! :yes:

Seriously though, I am continually amazed at the range and artistry you all have!

I second 3DGURU at blendenzo’s site. I know where to go when I’m ready to learn something significant about the GE. Now if you could just solve -marvo- you’ll rank in my book as a super-genius. :smiley:

I like simple. (Though it is kind of embarrassing since my site only has four buttons and I don’t yet have enough content organized to use them all…) … gimme time, darnit…

It’s classless, but… slightly color schemed.


here is mine

Yes. And a bit… understated … methinks. :wink:
I like your PS tut. (I learned something.)

Very nice material library and links. After your gallery (in addition to the others posted so far) I’m convinced I want to play with Terragen.

PS. Have that man in your title graphic get up and go kick those bully spheres away!

Wow, very nice, clean site! I can’t tell which half is old (the top half?). :eyebrowlift:

Here is mine.

I made this page in a hurry. So it looks crap.