Postcard from Northern Italy

It’s just six o’ clock? Weird, it feels late. Maybe it’s the dark. Or the fog. Where am I? I can’t see anything. Why are the lights off? Where is everyone? Is this real?

Still working on a project of mine. I need to prepare two miniature train station, one in Italy, one in France. For the Italian one, I went for a simple brutalist look. I’ve modeled it with Blender, I’ve created the materials with Substance Designer and I’ve textured the assets with Substance Painter. Rendered with Blender (Eevee).

I wanted to create a simple test render for the miniature station prop, but as I was playing with the scene, I went all on board on the volumetrics train, so, yeah, you get this.

Extra assets:

  • “Fiat 131” by ALEX .STD licensed under CC-BY-4.0 on Sketchfab
  • Grassblades Blender addon
  • Vegetation Blender addon