Just a little something for the hols.
Rendered wih Yafaray. - Hope you like it.

Sunglasses by via turbosquid.
Tree by lsystem.

It’s a great pic, at a glance I thought it was a reference :). But the fluid in the glass is off, the angle must be off or something. I tried to paint it, dunno if it makes sense or not.


WHOA!!! this is YAFRAY!!! i thought it was indigo!
but yeah the beer is kind of off in the picture…its probably the material on the glass or the Angle of the camera…

Are you going to have a Final Render in Indigo?

Oh, they all say that.

Seriously though, thanks for the compliment. You are right, it does look a bit off.
I couldn’t get the reflections on the glass just right either, I don’t know if it is the IOR or what.
Thing is , I just checked and as far as I can tell it is all aligned.
It must be the perspective, it is a slightly wide angle view, and the bottle on the right has a noticeable lean. Well spotted though, I didn’t see that.

A cylinder added in top view and scaled in close:-


I wasn’t planning to, I’m really loving Yafaray. I’ve also been tinkering a little with Luxrender - 0.5.

how do you export stuff to Luxrender??? i have it installed on my pc…but idk how to use it =(

Download LuxRender -

Download LuxBlend -

Save the LuxBlend file in your Blender Scripts folder and it will be available in your Scripts list under Export.

Installing LuxBlend -

Look at the table, then look at the background.
Look at the table, then look at the background.
Look at th…

The perspective is messed up, either the tree
is bent at a very disturbing angle, or gravity is
messed up =]

Other than that it looks great.

Thanks, I’m fairly sure this is also camera - view angle.
Horizontal table, vertical background, vertical tree, wide angle camera.


Here is a quick update. I found the problem with the glass, I had only ‘set smooth’ on. After enabling ‘edge split’ and subsurf it looks better, though I added a slight cloud texture as it was too clean looking.
I have also reduced the reflections on the bottles, though maybe too much.

I should try to lengthen the shadows - if only I had paid more attention in render layers class.

I can now get on and fine tune the materials.
Any other criticism is welcome.

Dang, the glass looks REALLY good now! Absolutely awesome. The white barcode label on the front and center bottle jumps out a little too much to me - in a way that the one on the right does not.

Looks very nice - but I must agree with Farthioner

Yeah, I have been concerned about that. It is mostly an optical illusion so I guess I will try moving things around, changing the lighting or the base colour of the texture.

Thanks for bringing it up, I will be sure to address it.

You can see in a close up it is pretty close to the surface of the bottle.


(I don’t know what to do about the perspective though. Having spent years looking through wide angle lenses making landscape photographs, it looks normal to me and I feel sure photographs would support this. The sun is lower than the table which probably is not a viewpoint you would experience very often - However, if it bothers people then something will be done about it. Vote now!)

EDIT - Actually, come to think of it, if the sun was lower than the table you would not see those shadows - see the screen shot above in #9 - unless there was something big and reflective and far away. I will look into it. It is possible the perspective is ok but the shadows are wrong. Maybe I will try raising the sun. Back to the drawing board…

Here is a slightly low res update.
I have adjusted the backgrounds UV map so that the sun appears higher - everything else is the same.
I also tried to make the cider look more effervescent, but it needs more work.
The reflections on the bottles have been toned down.

I have done some gamma correction too - I hope not too much.

Shameless bump.
I edited the accidental double post above - but it doesn’t bump…!