PostEffects help

Hi, I’m new to blender (two weeks), partially moved from Modo.

Need help with postProcessing. I struggle with “stopping” as it’s a lot of fun to tweak image.

What do you think, is it fine, should i stop sooner or should i push it further to full bananas?

Also i want to get criticized about composition, 'cose i think it’s cool view (1 opinion never enough)

BTW thanks to Gleb Alexandrov, HardOps and DecalMachine for their existence.

I would say that the first image pops more so I like that one better.

The image is unbalanced. The most complexity, contrast, is on the left. It’s the first read, but the lines guide the viewer to look at the right side and there’s nothing to look at, and nothing to stop the eyes from going off the image.

The left side also goes very close to the edge of the image. It could be further away from it and still have the detail on and around the thirds, since the model takes so much space on the image. The right side could have more complexity and contrast, maybe silhouettes of more of the objects on the line and an industrial robot handling them, creating diagonal lines that block the ones that are created by the foreground elements.

My idea was to create motion, as the object is moving out of frame. I guess i failed in it :smiley:
Can you draw lines, which would best drive view through the image in your opinion, please? So i could get that feel.

Yeah, i think silhouettes could help. Thanks again.

Nope, because I wouldn’t frame it like that and then try to fill the frame with something that would make it ok. What I can do is to clarify why, and you can decide if it needs reframing, adding or removing something, or keeping it as is. It also depends if it’s for showcasing the model, or setting a scene with a bit of a story.

Blue line: don’t look at this direction
Orange lines: this is where you should look next
But there’s nothing to look at, so might as well follow the lines and close the browser tab. To me it needs something to block the viewer’s eyes from going off the image and also balancing it.

If this was cinematography and the model was a character, it would generally be bad framing. These are on purpose:

The motion and eyes are towards outside the frame, and since it’s next to the edge of the frame, it creates tension. Character standing next to the edge of the frame and looking outside the frame vs. in it. Or, someone waiting a train or a bus by staring at a wall that is almost touching their nose, vs. leaning their back on it. One of those seems weird.

Ok, gotcha, will keep it in mind for next one :slight_smile:

I think you could do a lot for this image by moving the camera to the other side of the main object. Angle it back so that the main interest is on the right third. The track or whatever it is would then lead you up to it. It might feel a lot more immersive that way as it would kind of put you in the middle of the action. And in this way maybe handle problem of leading the eye out of the frame.