Poster For A Friend: Critique Needed!

Hello! I am creating this poster for a friend of mine, who claims she is to be Empress of the World. It’s sort of a joke between us. I followed Andrew Price’s tutorial to create the Earth.

Anyway, my issue is that I was dumb and didn’t UV unwrap the gears before placing them in the shape of the steam punk style crown! This kind of forced me to use the ‘Project From View’ function to just unwrap the entire crown as one. As you can see in the images I posted below I have lost a large amount of detail due to this. Can anyone help me? The only solution I have come up with would be to re-model the crown :confused:

Thank you in advance!

The Near Final Render:

Here is the crown by itself, untextured.

Why not just take the time to mark seams on all the gears?? I realize it could take a bit but I feel like it would take longer to remake it but that’s just me, also if you want to stick with project from view you could just use a higher res texture, food for thought :slight_smile:

I would “part off” the larger gears and maybe the head band and unwrap them but the smaller ones I would use a procedual material