Poster for my Pokemon YouTube series! - and some Pokemon renders!

Hey everyone! I made a poster for my new YouTube series featuring Pokemon re-imagined in Blender!

You can view the first two episodes here:

And here are some renders of the Pokemon sculptures I’ve been working on:

Annnddd here’s a test render I did:

All of these guys are rigged and ready to animate, too :smiley:

Would love to hear your thoughts!



Wow! Some models look so real, it’s a bit scary! Nice work, this must have taken months!

Thanks! I spent about a month working on the Pokémon, and now we’re filming episodes :slight_smile: - there’s a bigger end goal to make a live action movie trailer, but we might just stick to the episodes if it takes off!

very cool and great work…gonna subscribe to your youtubes

what you do is extra genius!! love the humour! go on!!!

@ATGWoodDesign: Thanks! Much appreciated!
@XAD: Glad you like it! The goal is to get a new episode every week! :smiley: