Poster of ED-209, the villain of Robocop's first movie.

This is my favorite robot in the all world and I always wanted to own him. At least now I have my own 3d rigged model. So After learn to work with cycles I did this poster, the original file size is 13000x9620 pixels. I sent to a Graphic company to print and put in my wall in my room. The size of the poster? 1,5x1,11m. It’s not the biggest one but it’s not small. By monday should be done and I’ll post a photo of it suspended in my room.

The all robot was rendered in cycles, the halo lights and the smoke with internal render. Even the title was done in blener and rendered with cycles. Gimp was used to mix things together. I divided the main render in 9 parts to be able to save the parts individualy. Because the total time to render with cpu (we have no nvidia cards) was about 10 days, with two computers, a core i5 and a core i3 both with 8gb of ram. The core i5 in my home, and the i3 my friend offered me to help, I used Teamview to connect through internet and control all the render process.

But I never had so much problems with a render as this project. We had several blackouts, persons of the family who (doesn’t know anything of computers) turned off the machine or closed blender after hours of render. So this 10 days were almost half lost with this problems.

But I think it will worth it!! See you guys monday, I hope so.


The model is spot on.

I can feel your pain, the glossy material really wrecks your render time.

I wish you’d done a spec map with little scratches and dings.

maybe for a future project, an animation I do some defects, but this would represent a brand news machine, just out of industry.

I posted the file I used to render this poster on my blog! Its creative commons non comercial use.
Grab your copy now.