Posthuman - The return of nature

My submission to the BlenderGuru competition “Dreamland”

Inspired by a scene in the film ‘Stalker’ from Andrej Tarkowskij (1979)

The film is about a journey of three men though a abandoned and forbidden territory called “The Zone”, searching a house with an empty room where all secret wishes come true.

Ooo this looks really nice. I like the atmosphere – very desolate. The fish looks really good – the textures on it (and in the whole scene) are nice. I’m not quite sure I believe it’s underwater though – especially with that light in the background. It kinda looks like a lamp is back there and why would a lamp be underwater? lol.

The overall scene looks really good though. Do you have wires for this that we can see?

I don’t understand the story and why this is a “dreamland” at a first glance but the rendering quality and atmosphere are great!

Thank you for your feedback!

@aaronmcavinue: Yes it is an underwater scene and light comes from above goes through the water (!!!) and hit the background :slight_smile:

@ToshiCG: Yes - you are right. The story (of this picture) is hard to understand (even the whole film of Andrej Tarkowskij is hard to understand) but if you have the change to see it - do it! The film is great: the story is depressive and hard to understand but the pictures in this movie are great in colors (a mix of black and white / sepia and colors) and composition! This seqence with the fish is
a short part (ca. 10 sec.) of the movie (150 min.)