posting a project (hotkey questions)

alright, im working on my first render and i have a few questions
I would have searched the FAQs and the <search> feature but…i dont know keywords to try, Sry :expressionless:

  • How do i get a pic of my render like i see on this forum, is there a hotkey im not seeing, or do i have to take the long way by pressing <Prt Scrn>, cropping the pic, and all of that

  • What is the hotkey to delete duplicates

If there is a page that lists all of the hotkeys for blender or if you have it saved in a document, please post it

After you render your image, select the file type that you would like to save it in (i.e. JPEG, PNG, etc.), select the compression value, and then click F3, select the folder you want to save your picture to, name the picture, and then hit save.:slight_smile:

I’m not sure about a delete duplicates hotkey…


k, thx a lot-

still open to the hotkey questions though for anyone ele

Inside of Blender: Help>HotKey and MouseAction Reference . . .


alright, thx also Cire

well, since i have this thread open and this is sort of on topic so ill ask it

i have made a hat and its shaped out really nicely, i used bezier curves, converted it to a mesh, spun it, but for some reason the brim isnt curved, its like-


instead of being round, how would i fix this

I think an actual image (or the .blend itself) would better illustrate your problem, and help someone to help you.

(Not to disparage your top-notch ASCII art :wink: )

You need probably more vertices in it.
Bezier-Curves interpolate between Points, Meshes do not.
Either you use subdivide or a few loopcuts, or you add a Subsurve Modifier.