Posting JPG to Focused Critique Forum.

Yesterday attempted to post work in the focused critique forum as I am looking for specific detailed criticisms, ideas on how improve what I am doing and have spent 10’s of hours working to improve and refine this work.

The post would not let me add the pictures. When I looked at the note it said the following:

Allowed Extension Groups and their Sizes
You are normally allowed to attach files within this Forum,
but since no Extension Group is allowed to be attached here,
you are unable to attach anything. If you try,
you will receive an Error Message.

So I looked at the FAQ site and it said the following.

Why can’t I add attachments?
On some forums adding attachments may be limited to certain users or groups. To add attachments you may need special authorisation, only the forum moderator and board admin can grant this access, you should contact them.
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I’ve got the necessary permissions, why can’t I add attachments?
The board administrator sets an upper limit for filesize, file extensions and other things for attachments on the board. A moderator or administrator may have altered your permissions, or discontinued attachments in the specific forum. You should get an explanation in the error message when trying to add an attachment, if not you might consider contacting the moderator or administrator.

Is the Focused Critique Forum a closed group? Is there a criteria for posting there?

For now have posted in the Works In Progress Forum

Thanks for your comments

it is not a closed forum.

i will take a look at that.

I can not post any screen grabs either.

Sam, it looks like you live in Columbus, Ohio too!

Don’t know if this has been resolved or not. Post in WIP, send me a PM with the link and I’ll move it for you.