Posting more than three images for a tutorial

I was trying to write a short tutorial in the Tutorials, Tips & Tricks forum, but got stuck while uploading the fourth image. Apparently there is a limit of three images per post. My tutorial has somthing like 15 images to tell the whole story. These are small, 800-something pixels for the longest dimension, and smaller. None are hi-res final artworks.

What is the purpose of that limit of three images? Does this apply in all cases? I’ve seen posts in the same forum with four or five images in one posting.

What is the recommended way to write a single-post tutorial with 15 small images?

BTW, I don’t want to write a tutorial on some other site, and post just a link in BA. I don’t have any good websites of my own handy for that, and don’t know of a free stable site suitable for this. unless someone can recommend one.

I’d need to check to confirm, but the image cap is (I think) specifically for attachments only. And yes, it would be for bandwidth reasons. That said, if the images are hosted elsewhere (like, for instance), you can put as many in a post as you would like.

Three options around that.

One is to post the images somewhere else and then include them in the post as external, the same three attachment limitation doesn’t apply to those since they’re not attachments. Problem with that of course is that free image hosting sites delete images at some point so they won’t stay in the post forever. Loading things from multiple places can cause other troubles too (slowness, host down, or even replaced with malicious content).

You could also combine images into one and have total of three attachments. Not the best option either because there are size limitations and forum scales the images. Third option you already mentioned, putting the whole tutorial somewhere else.

youve got blender, make a video slide and put it on youtube, just a thought!

What about writing one post with three images, followed by another post with three images, and so on for a total of four or five posts? Would that be frowned upon?

If you’re going to do that, it would be best if you could arrange it in such a way that each post ‘works’ in its own right. That is, try not to have a step split between posts.