Posting Permission Request


Every time I post something it displays a message for my post to be reviewed by a moderator before it is actually posted. Does this happen to everyone? If not, I know this has something to do with my age I entered on the site when I initially registered. If an Admin could help me out here it would be much appreciated as it would save your fellow moderator’s time reviewing posts that don’t really need to be reviewed because they are not spam, senseless or inappropriate. I believe I have to maturity to post on forums without it having reviewed by a moderator as they will actually provide help/informative material rather than garbage.

So if possible I’d like an Admin to rectify/help fix this problem.



All posts by users with a post count less than 10 are moderated

Oh cheers mate, I must have glanced over that when I was viewing the faq. Sorry for wasting your time.

I didn’t see that message so I have now made a double post… :confused:

If you have a double post, feel free to report it to the moderation team using the Report Post feature.