posting pictures

I can’t figure out how to post a picture in this forum. it is in blender and I have been trying for the last hour trying to get it to work. can anyone help?

if you are starting a thread, you can simply upload the image file (usually a .jpg file) using the forum’s attachment box directly.

Otherwise, you’ll need to host the file somewhere online (like Imageshack) and give us a link to the image.

thanks dude. I tried it but my image was too big. it was like 700 kb at least. but since I’m here and I don’t want to make another thread somewhere else, do you know where I can find a tutorial on how to make a simple gun? if not it’s cool I was just wondering.

a jpeg file usually aren’t over 700kb unless the resolution is huge, but if that is the case, you can use THIS file uploader provided for free by one of our own blender members.