Posting something in the panel prop from one of these operators

y everyone,

As a target, do you have him on a panel from one of these operators? I would like to use the “def _build_bones_list()” function of the “OP_ListBones” operator to access the “bpy.context.window_manager.armature_select” display of the panel at the very bottom.

creation of the properties :

bpy.types.WindowManager.armature_select = bpy.props.StringProperty(name=“Armature”, default="")

creating the function where I want to write something in the panel :

def _build_bones_list():
bpy.context.window_manager.armature_select = “build_bones is running” #element of the panel I would like to access

creation of the operator that takes the function seen above:

class OP_ListBones(bpy.types.Operator) :
bl_idname = "object.oper_list_bones"
bl_label = "list bones!"
bl_description = "records the list of bones in an armature."

#def draw(self):
def poll(cls, context) :

def execute(self, context) :
    return {'FINISHED'}

def invoke(self, context, event) :

creation of the panel and the prop :

class InterfacePanel (bpy.types.Panel) :

bl_label = "Parent Bones..."
bl_idname = "VIEW_3D_PT_PARENT_BONES"
bl_space_type = 'VIEW_3D'.
bl_region_type = 'UI'.
bl_category = "Parent bones"
bl_description = "robot mesh/bones parenting"

def draw(self, context) :
    l = self.layout
    c=l.column(align = True)      
    c.prop(bpy.context.window_manager, "armature_select")

Have a nice day