posting URL problems, not because I am new

Hello all.

I was trying to post a link to an external website yesterday, so I used the insert link button in the quick reply box at the bottom.
Well, it was then pointed out to me that the link didn’t work.
I then went and looked at it, and it was:
as opposed to what I wanted (and entered) which was just:

here is me doing the same again on purpose:

Is this a “feature” or is it an error.

Eventually I just went and typed in the html url code tags. (can’t put them here because it converts it to a link!)

The URL BBcode tag doesn’t prepend the “http://” bit prior to your link. This means that the link is automatically treated as being relative to the domain. There are two solutions here. You can either use the following code (minus the spaces):

[ url= ] [ /url ]

Or you can simply enter the URL of your site with the “http://” prefix and you don’t have to use the link button at all. The forum will handle making the link for you, like so:

Thanks for that information.