Posting Volunteer Jobs?

OKay I asked this in another thread, and searched but found no thread that gave a clear answer:

I run a large indie game development team looking for more SERIOUS artists both 2D and 3D who want to help build our commercial game in development (payments when merchandise sells, including CDs, shirts, etc. which are about to go on sale! though most of the members refuse payment and work for th elove of the game itself…). So far I have not found an appropriate place to post my advert thread here on the forums. I’d like to perhaps stay on this forum as well, build relationships here, and learn some 3D modeling myself. So is there a place ON THIS FORUM to advert or would I have to look elsewhere?

Thanks for answers in advance!

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Well, this is probably as good a place as any. But need more info.

EDIT: Made a generalized post here. If any interest, I will expand.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll work on making a thread/editing this thread once I reach my 15 post count and place up the (required?) web forum link needed to advertise. What I can say is that it is a 2.5D sci-fi/fantasy RPG with multi-planet travel and in depth features for skill building and relationship levels, etc. Full active action battles. The game is inspired by the Star Ocean series (my personal favourite) with a bit more emphasis on character and plot development as well as engaging skill/relation/instance/battle systems and minigames to keep the player feeling as if they are delving into this living, breathing universe.

I’m not sure if the 15 post limit is barred from making images as well…are they? If not I can post some production shots on the overall feel of what we are looking for in this game. As of now (for art department) we could use a total of about 3-4 more 3D modelers just to make the work less heavy on one person. The modelers we have now are getting bogged down… and 1-2 2D environment artists. We also need 1-2 more character pixel artists/animators to help out, even if part-time or just ‘on call’ for when others have trouble (I’m the main pixel artist and so far the only one. I have a distinct style I created for the game, so finding someone to imitate it has been a no go thus far…Right now I’m facing some computer and connection problems that will be fixed in the coming weeks about 2-4 weeks and I need a few people to spot for me so that I can get this taken care of…we work as a team, meaning if one has to break, the others pick up slack, etc.).

Mainly just need team fleshing. We have the style and direction and even the goals and specifics and have around 2 modelers working on this, but because of th ecalibur of this project, they have expressed I find a few more to help speed things along and reduce stress. We have NEVER had a decent 2D environment artist…so that one is needed badly. 2D character artists and animator positions are filled. =)

When I’m able to post up more information I’ll post links/artwork…if that’s alright.


** Only environment modelers/texturers needed. No character models/animation needed. Mostly still images, maybe small, subtle ambient animations (water pattern, birds flying by in the sky ever so often, wind blowing the trees, etc) for now. Semi-realism. Will be “billboard” effects, with 2D sprites that can walk on the 3D screens. **

This game will be continuous (for up to 6 - 8 volumes) and come in parts, each part containing a good chunk of the game (around 15 hours per volume) and span over multiple planets, the main planet being Nohde. I only need the locations for part 1 modeled right now, but I’m searching for mostly long-term partners who want to use this game to excel our indie team into a profiting company in the future. However, those who just want to ‘go for the ride’ for one project are fine as well. Beginners accepted, I don’t have minimum requirements. This is a team you can grow with/into.

8 ‘city’ locations to be detailed, 2 of those being worked on by respected modelers. Some locations are smaller, some larger. Our game is diversified in location content.

Around 10 unique dungeons for part 1. Most are short - medium in length (number of screens).

Around 17 variety of battle screens. Not too detailed, mainly a flat plain and a fancy backdrop. In some points small objects/obstacles (rocks, etc.) may be required. Nothing too big unless its a special battle screen that we plan/decide to have more.

Our game WILL have anime animation cutscenes and have semi-experienced anime animators on board. 3D modelers may be required to model/render environment/object scenes for backdrops, or if we find a good 2D environment artist, the job will go to them. Mainly, we have talent, but most of our talent lies in characters/vehicles/etc. and we need ENVIRONMENT specialists. =) We’ve always felt a great lack…in fact one of our modelers is primary an experieneced character modeler/animator, so he’s out of his comfort zone. He’s even thought of leaving because the pressure seemed too high and he feels he can’t model that many environments given our inexperience with the subject. So I really want to help my boys out.

When I’m able to post images/link, again, I will. I’ll even make a separate thread for this and include more information if needed. I take PMs or replies or anything here. If you have the slightest interest, give me a nudge here. If you need more information please ask what you need to know. Any help is appreciated!


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