Postings for being available for work

Michael and Fweeb…

I think there should be a section in Jobs that is Services Offered…then there wouldn’t be any confusion in the future. Thanks!

Would you be willing to pay for posting there?

Not personally–kinda seems to go against the whole vibe of Blender. And I know someone’s silly logic will say, ‘Well, why don’t you offer your services for free then…’, well, that’s different, there isn’t any real work that goes into moderating posts in ‘services’ any more than other threads…but setting up a storefront and brand for a CG artist is a lot of work and takes a fair amount of skill. Frankly, I’m a little shocked you would suggest charging for a ‘services offered’ post. Why not ask for a percentage of anyone sharing their portfolio if they book a gig…or a finders fee for head hunters that post here?

Honestly, I’m not at all being inflammatory. Just discussing. I love this community thus far!

I’ve split these posts to a new topic so as not to derail the original one.

The thing is, as far as I can tell, this whole site (especially the #artwork and #support categories) is a giant “I’m available for work” forum. Those categories are where you show that you are skilled and competent.

Furthermore, there’s already a site for announcing you’re availability for work, Blender Network. That site is built specifically for that purpose.

Hmm…I’m going to be honest, that Blender Network site is a bit confusing. And it’s not really for my particular service. Not really a forum, more of a Blender Artist Linked-in?

Thanks though. I appreciate the support.

I can see the reasoning behind charging for a service like that.

This forum is freely available to all users, but it certainly isn’t free to operate. Bart has costs to cover, and the commercial users out there are a good source to get some money from. Obviously if you are making money off of your service, spending a little money for advertising is a reasonable business expense.

It’s not that the amount of work to moderate that section needs to be covered. Try taking that arguement to google: ‘well, it’s not really gonna cost you any more to run my ads, so just do it for free!’

Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

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This is severely underestimating the amount of devops and other work I (like active community management) have to do to keep this forum running. Just this weekend, I spent both Saturday and Sunday from 7am-10am mitigating harddrive issues. It’s a big site, it takes a lot of work and money to keep it in the air, and asking a small contribution from people who benefit from our work financially doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

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I really wouldn’t feel comfortable comparing Google and the Blender community, in any capacity, especially for ad revenue.

Trust me, I’m all about supporting work being done, and my fellow Blender lovers…every product I sell on the Blender Market contributes to the Blender fund…but it just feels wrong doing it here.

I know you guys do work…that is not what I’m saying at all. I’ve run websites and forums back in the day, I know…I’m saying, adding in one thread called ‘Artist Looking for Work’ really doesn’t increase your workload.

I believe the moderators/creators of this site are making money on advertising–on this page alone posting this reply, I see 3 ads…maybe that’s because I’m using Google Chrome? Maybe the mods have nothing to do with the ads I see, but they certainly should be profiting from ads I see on their site. If you want to take out a banner ad, then absolutely do the standard marketing thing and charge…but a thread trying to help struggling CG artists make a few dollars is different. I have accounts on all the major 3D forums and sites…not once have I been charged for posting in ‘Artist Looking for Work’…why do it here on a Blender site? Feels wrong.

On a super side note, every one that is positive and constructive, sharing their work, and helping others is contributing to this community. All of us. Do you agree with that sentiment?

I guess we all see it differently. Again, please understand I love and support forum communities, and am in no way trolling or being inflammatory. Just my two cents.


Well, we already have the ‘promotions’ section, which allows users (for a small fee, or as part of a patreon support) to post broadcast messages to the whole community.

What you are proposing is essentially a ‘self-promotion’ section, and what Bart is proposing is exactly the same as what is already happening for the promotions section.

You are looking for professional promotion on a private platform. A small fee is a reasonable professional courtesy to the maintainers of that platform.

Gotcha. I’m not going to cause major waves over this. I’ve stated my case, and I certainly don’t want bad blood with this community. I was asked if I would be willing to pay for this service, and I gave my thoughts.

Cheers and good tidings!


For what it’s worth, my recommendation would be to flesh out your profile page here on the forum. You can have a large profile banner and use rich text in your “About Me” and we also have the Portfolio feature. Mention in the About Me that you’re available for work.

Then, by being active here on the forum, being helpful and showing great work, people interested in hiring you will know you’re available when they look at your profile.

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Thank you sir, yes I will.