postproduction thingy for gimp :)

(basse) #1

well, whenever I load my renderings into gimp, I do almost everytime the same steps… adding some effect layers etc… so, I finally decided to automate some of that … (lazy that I am) .

so, here’s a gimp script-fu plugin, that adds edge-blurring-some-darkening-in-the-corners-and-noise-effect… it has some switches for you to play with…

it will provide you with another copy of your image, with effect layers, so you can keep on gimpping with it afterwards…

it’s the first version, on the next one, there will be signature adding and perhaps possibility to make circular fadings instead of rectangular…

anyways, it’s here:

have fun! :smiley:


(rwv01) #2

Hi. That sounds like a cool script function.
Will it work with Gimp for Windows?

(Enzoblue) #3

I get this error when trying to run it in Gimp for windows:

Script-Fu Error while executing
(script-fu-add-basse-effect 0 2 40.000000 99.000000 65.000000 80.000000 90.000000 '(0 0 0) 30.000000)
ERROR: unbound variable (errobj GRAY*)

(basse) #4

uups, sorry. I checked the code, and heh, there was one line that wasn’t supposed to be there…
I dunno, maybe I pasted something by accident, when I cleaned up the code just before posting…
so, to correct the error, remove the line that says “GRAY*” in the middle of script,
or download again… I’ve updated the script on my site… heh.

sorry again!


(Enzoblue) #5

Oooo, works perfect now. Thanks Basse, this’ll be put to some good use :slight_smile:

(seval) #6

Thanks…cool script. Cannot wait for a Windows Film Gimp. This effect reminds me of those old black and white cartoons…