Posts per day

Why does my “Posts per day” field read “0.53” when I post about 3 or 4 posts a day? Just wondering…

uhmm well you joined on the 11may of 2002…and you got 255post…

so maybe now you post about 3post a day…but before you surely didn’t post that number…so

255/(the number of day since you joined elysiun) = 0.53

Ohhhhh. I didn’t realize it worked that way. I thought it just counted how many posts you made each day. It would make more sense that way.

so it restarts every day? :expressionless:

Then it would have to be called “posts today”

What sense would that make?

A decaying average would probably be more useful.

I don’t know the exact formula, but I do know that it’s essentially a weighted average where the more recent days contribute more to the average than older ones.

so if you posted 1 post per day for ages, then suddenly went up to 3, after a week or two the postperday count would read 3 or very close to it, but if it was only for a couple of days it would still only be just over 1.

right philip,
you have to calculate the average number of posts of the last x days…
that makes sense… I mean it represents clearer the user’s presence, 'cause it heightens or lowers effectively when he posts more or when he posts less…
but to have a realistic vision you have to do that on a 30-60 days period… :wink:

It’s easy to see someone’s recent activity:
go to search, type their name in the “search for author”, display results as Posts and search Last 1 Day or whatever.

A decaying average is a bit more complex than “last xx days” - posts from years ago still count, just not as much. And even yesterdays posts count slightly less than todays.

But this would mean hacking into the phpBB code that figures out the average, and I know you don’t want to do that :wink: so I’ll drop the idea.

Maybe I’ll go suggest it on
I went and posted at phpBB forums:
come support it!

this discussion won’t lead to any changes in elYsiun btw :slight_smile:
just thought you should know.


the current method doesn’t cost a database call,… any other method of calculating would cause not only an extra database call but also quite a large loop in the php code.


Not so, there are cumulative decaying average algorithms, eg:

After each post:
  newavg = (1 + oldavg) / (1 + days since last post)
Then in the profile:
  currentavg = oldavg / (1 + days since last post)

“days since last post” can be a fraction of a day, it can be several weeks, the formula still works.