Posts to view ratio

Kind of interesting huh?

Yeah . . . I was kind of wondering if I also could do some fancy search queries about folks who post to view what sort records are here. Pixelmass obviously holds one for the UVM machine game. CD has one for the hightest post count.

Well the badges of honour are there, what is yours and how would you find it ?

Yeah, well now I have to go out and buy my merit badge to sew on my uniform. Hell, you thought this was easy?

Try being a goat behind a chariot.

everyone has a 100% ratio when they first post a new thread so it’d be kinda hard to really rate.

But interesting you bring it up, i have been watching my wip for that, and noticed it has a pretty good ratio compared to others (just over 4%) while any thread that has “warning nudity” in the title seems to have exponentially higher views than posts :wink: lol

I wonder why that is? Let’s go and blame Hollywood and MTV for this behavior, not to mention the factor of wanrings feeding some common instinct among the populace to ignore and see why the warning’s there:yes: