Posture Photos

I realize this is only periferally even related to blender, and I am sorry if there is a more appropreate forum in which to ask. But, this is the only one I can think of where someone might even know what I am talking about.

I am just relearning blender but I worked through quite a few of the tutorials like a year or 2 ago. At about that time I found some “Posture” photos that I was using to learn how to model various body types. I have spent the last week or so looking for them with both google and yahoo, but they seem to be off the radar as a group of photos. I did find 2 of them but I had like 50 back then, before having to replace a hd due to a crash. A quick description on what they are is a composite of 5 photographs 4 nudes and one in street cloths. The 4 nudes are front, left, back, and right sides.

Does anyone know of a site where they may be available for download?

As always thank you for any help or responce. It is always appreciated.

here ya go…
this are 15 of them…

i stumbled a cross them a few years ago, but cant remember the site. im shure i got a few more of them, have to go thru my backups for it.

Yes, thanks a lot, I really do appreciate it. These are from the same set I had. I recognize a couple of them. I forgot about the “close up” frames… I did not use them for modeling so never paid them any attention.