Potato commercial

Short animation rendered with blender internal: https://vimeo.com/56050199


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Fantastic well done. Love it.

Awesome, share some wires and screens for the community…

Nice job! I love it when I see blender used in mainstream business!

Is this a spec commercial? (If not, [1] who was your client and [2] how was this shown, on TV or through the web?) :slight_smile:

Really good work! This shows the internal is a really good engine if used in the good way!

Inspiring work (And portfolio on Animal.ee!)

Why did you choose Blender Internal; Speed? Material flexibility? Pipeline reasons?

I would also love yo know if this is a spec piece or an actual commercial. I think it looks great, awesome work!

haha, that’s awesome!

Gorgeous work! Using BI like champs :ba:

do you use blender in anything else in the video?

Wow amazing animation :slight_smile:

Very nice and warm render!
Good lens aberration effect,
Professional composition,
many thanks for sharing.:yes:

Thanks to everyone for good words.
The project i itself was a part of social campaign of wholesomeness of potato and was aired for a short time in local TV.
I was willing to use Cycles but at it’s current evolutionaty state blender internal renderer seemed to be easier path to take. It’s not perfect (nothing is) but very capable in the end I guess.
Here are some screens and short screencast of potato mech. Quite a simple rig, basic IK limbs, handful of drivers moving around gears and stuff and minimalist face controls ( using Jason Osipa style 2D sliders controlling shape keys ).

Lol, that was one awesome potato :smiley:


Yes I really agree with Partin :slight_smile:

That was a very powerful and rich potato (and such nice final compositing and animation skills; I really loved how the character moved and shaked mostly :smiley: ). Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I could have never watched this due to localization you see.

Superb attention to detail. I imagine there was deadline pressure versus quality promises? Well done.


excellent job!
keep up the good work! :smiley:

Cool little charterer will keep the kids healthy with plenty of Iron. :smiley:

Need characters for other vegetables, like carrots, broccoli and spinach :wink:

take the video to the theater.

kinda like veggietales